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Where to buy camping gear to take on the bike???????

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by lil, Aug 25, 2005.

  1. I was speaking to some people at coffee a couple of months ago about where to buy decent camping gear for a reasonable price that's not going to be too bulky for the bike. I can't remember who I was speaking to or where it was suggested to go on a shopping spree, so I thought I'd send out a general plea for help :p

    What I want is one of those blow-up-by-itself camping mats and a really warm, but not too bulky sleeping bag (preferably with a hood, cos I feel the cold :oops: ). I guess I'd better look at a small but waterproof tent as well that will be long enough.

    I want good value. If anyone can recommend brands that are worth looking at a bit more or stores/sites to purchase from, I would be very appreciative!!

    :D :D :D
  2. LOL don't do the mistake I did... my tent after repacking is 5cm londer than my "wiskers"... took out some mirrors coming back form a camping trip...
  3. try Kathmandu, if you want something cheaper try Aussie Disposals
  4. Kathmandu Factory outlet is down the Alexandra Pde end of Smith St in Collingwood, you'll find mountain designs over the road. Closer to Victoria St end you'll find a retail Katmandu store as well as two other outdoor stores.

    If you have a bit of patience kathmadu quite often has 50% off sales which brings the retail stores down to around the factory outlets pricing so might be worth asking about when that is going to happen again.

    Also in the city Little Bourke Street (between Queen and Elizabeth streets) has a collection of outdoor stores you can checkout and Aussie disposals are on elizabeth st.

    I guess you can check out the new anaconda store to see what they are all about.
  5. Anaconda in Bayswater have a really good variety of camping gear including lightweight tents for hiking/biking.

    Don't know how their prices compare but you'll always get what you pay for.
  6. Anaconda seems pretty good so far, especially the specials they have (can check at www.anaconda.com.au). A while ago they had self inflating mats for ~$25, that I couldn't notice any difference from my ~$100 thermorest for comfort. Suposedly they beat price by 10% (havn't tested). Have cheap items (their own brand Spinifex... last sale had a 3 person tent for $30!), as well as more expensive stuff. Huge selection. I found in general, they are better than Aussie disposals for range (but don't have 2nd hand army crates, etc like Aussie). The staff seem fairly helpful.

    The last time I went, the register dude said he had done a trip across the Nulabor and a trip around NZ on a CB250. He had his Husky dirt bike round the back.

    Bought my recent sleeping bag from Mountain Designs in Little Bourke St. Expensive, but really aweome on cold nights (comfortable in ~-1deg mornings out near Whalhala). Packs quite small, but probably overkill for a lot of weather. Helpful staff.
  7. Don't get one of those self inflating matresses...expensive, bulky and you loose blood supply to your legs by the morning better to get an old style inflatable matress for more cash in the pocket, more space on the bike and more feeling in your legs.
  8. Little Bourke Street, City between Elizabeth and Queen Sts, has a load of outdoor shops within walking distance of each other.
    An old school mate has a couple of shops called Platypus and Platattack (?). He sells manufactures outdoor gear for the armed forces and police and sells to the public.

  9. I disagree. my self-inflating mattress ("Jackroo" from K-mart) is the best camping bed I've ever slept on. Some of us prefer a firm one to a soft wobbly one. ;)
  10. You loose the blood supply to your legs?!

    What do you do... get an amputation in the morning after the gangrene sets in from no blood supply ;-)

    I freely admit to being a Bat Fastard and I still prefer a self inflating mat to an airbed. They are much better at insulating you from the cold than an air bed is. The comfort issue is secondary really, unless you are sure you will only be camping in summer conditions.
  11. Hey Lil, when are you going shopping???? I did the research lat year when we wnet camping in Bright so I know where all the good deals are and smallest gear is!!

    Happy to show you around where the good deals are (plus I like to check all the new stuff out)

    eg. We got a 2 man tent 2 self inflatable 3/4 air matresses (though for you I would recommend full length :p ) and 2 sleeping bag (+5) for around $300

    Oh and it all fits in the gear sack bag with plenty of room to spare


  12. Spent a couple months camping down the murray by kayak on one of them self-inflatables... Worst deecision i ever made, apart from the fact they aren't as big, they stopped inflating properly after a week or so, then broke not long after. We then sent dad for supplies and got "old-school" air mattresses and felt like we were on the beds of the gods...
  13. Besides which camping is all about sitting around a campfire drinking piss and talking sh1t, by the time you go to bed you should just pass out!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
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  16. Cheap(er) Camping Gear


    Try Recycled Recreation (they stock good used camping gear as well as end-of-line gear, old season stuff and the like. I think there was a shop in Smith Street, Collingwood, if not I believe there's one in Blackburn.

    Also on Smith Street, there are several camping gear factory shops down towards Alexandra Parade. If there's no rush, many places also have good yearly sales, or 10% off for various clubs. If you are not fashion concious, go for last season's gear in the used/factory shops. Try Snowgum as well - since they cater for Scouts, they tend to have a wider range of gear.


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  18. Ever kicked a cold lump with your right leg and wondered what it was, then realised its your left leg? I have. But generally I just wake up constantly and have to keep moving.

    I think that my problem is being a skinny person and sleeping on my side. The hip cuts through the inch of padding and air of the self inflating mattress and rests on the ground. And this is after making sure I got a thick one from a reputable brand, paying around $170. I recently went and found a normal inflatable air matress for $20 and its pure luxury, uninterrupted sleep and no worries about what you are kicking in your sleeping bag. The cheaper one also packs up much smaller (1/4 -1/3 the size) and they weigh about the same.
  19. ...I'd look kinda crazy sitting round a campfire (good luck to me getting one started :shock: ) talking sh!t to myself!!! I can do the drinking p!ss part pretty well, though :wink:

    I'll talk to you at coffee tonight, Foxy, if you're going to be there.

    I want warm gear 'cos it doesn't matter on the time of year, I'd rather be warmer than too cold. I really struggle to maintain body heat at night, so I need all the help I can get!

    :D :D :D