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Where to buy Aprilia\Rotax motors

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Icefire, Dec 16, 2007.

  1. I currently require a new RS125 motor AKA Rotax122

    Does anyone know any wreckers or dealers who may have one?
  2. No, don't know of any. Best results from overseas - UK should be good.

    What happened?

    Trevor G
  3. Yeah I've found one in germany

    I'll let the photo's speak for what happened

  4. ouch, that would have been running a little rough :shock:
  5. Meh, 1200 wet/dry, a little metal epoxy, good as new ;)

    What??? Sobil's engine is made up of epoxy ;)
  6. id fix that case...Tig weld it up then face off the gasket surface...what else is broken?
  7. Conrod, conrod bearing is definately gone, most likely the crankshaft is gone
  8. try this guy www.rgvspares.com for the parts.....id still weld the case put a rod and retrue the crank and it will be fine
  9. Unfortunately there is more then just that hole, there is major cracks around the inside there and other damage. I've sourced a new engine I'm picking up tomorrow. Right now my bikes been off the road for 2 months and I've only been riding for 4 months so at this point I really dont care. I just want to ride again :(
  10. Hey Icefire, glad to hear you got the engine. If you don't mind me asking though, how much does it cost to get a new one for RS125?
  11. Hey mate,

    Was pretty pricey, set me back $1500 with 6000kms on it.

    Got it through Metro Motorcycle wreckers in Silverwater NSW
  12. BMW sells em too.... :roll:
    In fact, you can buy an entire "BMW" with one.

    Regards, Andrew.