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Where to buy a cheap chain and sprocket kit for the Spada VT250 FL (MC20)?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by jaguarfanster, Jun 29, 2012.

  1. Hey. I've been trying to get roadworthy on my Spada and have found chain and sprocket replacement is required. Now the cheapest place on the internet I could find a 'kit' was on Wemoto. They offer it about $110 in AUD equivalents to the pound. The Spada is 'one of a kind' so these drivetrain parts cannot be sourced from earlier VT250s or VTR250s. Hence there seems to be a gap in the market for my bike. If you know anything cheaper I'm all ears. I'm happy to compromise for Chinese parts. This is probably obvious. Thanks.

  2. just to get a roady as cheaply as possible...tried the wreckers??
  3. Cheaper parts are complete false economy in my experience - they wear out very quickly. $110 is a very nice price to do your sprockets and change with quality parts.
  4. I'm getting a rear brake disc from the wreckers, however I can't do the same for chain sprockets. I find it quite hard to discern a poor drive train from a good one. Hence it'll be more 'luck of the draw'. I guess I'll stick with wemoto then. $110 seems fair. Although the parts come from the UK so time might be an issue. Hopefully I can find a local (cheap) stockist.

    With the chain it goes tight-loose-tight. Therefore tension adjustments are limited to the tight sections only. This allows the loose sections to remain loose. Visual inspection of the front sprocket does not show any wear. The rear sprocket has a few teeth that are slightly worn. Albeit only on the sides. The uppermost portions of these teeth still retain their original striped markings. I'd assume this implies that the tops of these teeth are unscathed.

    Thus could this tight-loose-tight issue be a result of an off center rear sprocket? If this were true wouldn't changing the rear sprocket/front sprocket be irrelevant as it may be a mounting issue? Am I over-thinking or is it a possibility?
  5. fit a new chain and see what it looks like on the old sprockets,a new chain on old sprocket will still make for a much smoother ride , post up some photos of the sprockets so we can see the condition of them , who told you you need to replace the sprockets for a roadworthy???did the same person want to fit it for you at a price ???
  6. I'd thought of doing that, however buying the parts separately doesn't seem to be a financially viable option. The total cost of sprockets and chain separate is approximately $200 and above. Much higher than the Wemoto price. If by chance I find I need new sprockets in addition to the chain, then I'd be slugged.

    Anyway I ended up purchasing the new steel D.I.D kit from Wemoto. I figured I might as well pay as I intend on keeping the bike well into my unrestricted licence. There isn't much point commuting to uni for another 4 years on my dream gixxer. The cost would astronomical and there are other aspects of my life that the money would be better utilized. Alas I might end up spending well over the market value in maintenance and parts on the Spada. Oh well she's quick enough around town.