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where the hell are the spark plugs?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by sebatron, Mar 19, 2005.

  1. hello... i just spent the last 4 odd hours disassembling and reassembling my GPX250... topped up battery, changed oil and filter, cleaned and reoiled my chain...

    it runs a bit sluggish.. i figure its the spark plugs. i've got a PDF of the manual, but it's missing a few pages for some reason.
    it has a crappy photo representing where the sparks supposed to be, but i can't make it out and i cant find it.


    where the fcuk are my spark plugs?
  2. See those rubbery things that look like cables that go into the Engine?
    They are called Leads.
    Where the leads go into the engine pull them out.
    Under there you will find the spark plugs.
  3. yeh thanks :)

    apparently i basically can't do it without taking the fuel tank off.
    maybe in a couple of weeks. :/

    (for what its worth i've done a fair bit of work on cars, i know where they're supposed to be - they're supposed to be easily accessible. :) )
  4. yup spot on !! welcome to the world of bikes :LOL: :LOL:

    everything is squeezed in as much as possable ..... i have to almost remove my tank just to change to air filter let alone the plugs

  5. i probably do too.. in fact, come to think of it, i will absolutely have to. i havent even seen the airbox yet.

    i had a bit of a headfcuk when i realised the oil filter wasn't in it's own sealed thingie, but rather just shoved into the block (sorta)... it tripped me out. basically means i drained the oil twice.

    if i had any idea what i was doing with carbies i probably wouldve done the sparks/air filter/valve adjustment and tuned the carbies... as it stands, i dont.. and my bike is pretty reluctant to rev. it's certainly not instant... a mate's girlfriends suzi across revs the second you touch the right grip. mine feels like it's on valium by comparison.
  6. totally different bike.
    The suzi revs freer as it is a 4 cyl.
    the gpx being a twin is not as high revving.
    Horses for courses as any 250 is basically gutless when compared to a bigger bore bike.
  7. Removing the tank is no big deal, on the ZZR (same engine) its 3 bolts and pull the hoses off.

    Make sure that you clean the spark plug holes out with compressed air before removing the plugs, they are very deep holes and bits of sand and stuff will fall down there.

    I dont know how it is on the GPX but on the ZZR I had to use a uni-joint attachment to be able to fit the socket down to the plugs.

    Clean the air filter, it made a huge difference to mine, I didnt think it was very dirty at all but after I cleaned it there was a huge difference at around 4000 RPM.
    The book says to soak it with engine oil, but theres better stuff these days, get proper air filter oil, its very sticky.