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Where the hell am I supposed to go?!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Jym, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. Most of you have probably already seen my complaints of looking for work, and how it is almost impossible to find a job without experience. My rants about the older generation being too lazy to be willing to offer traineeships, or you may have noticed yourself that every job advertised requires x years experience.

    I was even gonna fork out hundreds of dollars for a MR/HR licence and become a truck driver until I realized that even for that you need experience.

    I've got an extended family member who works as a superintendent out in the mines. I thought "Hell yeah, I'm young, I got no kids, Why the hell not?!"

    So I look and look and look, everyone says they are dying for more workers, massive shortage and the sector can't expand until they get more workers. Yet, NONE of the companies are offering traineeships. There's a handful of exceptions but you've gotta get your butt to Kalgoorlie before they will even consider you.

    That really frustrates me. So I contact said extended family member, figure it's not who you know, its what you know. He tells me that even at his level he can't even get his SON a job! His son lives in Perth already!

    I'm lost, NRs. Completely lost.
  2. A good job agency will send you to training to get cert 1's and such, maybe even some work experience - most of them are shit house though. Some tafe courses have a work experience component as well, though If you are out of work I guess you will have a bit of trouble with that.
  3. Pity you don't live over my neck of the woods. My boss, older generation, has offered so many guys work and has been nothing short of used and abused for it.
    He's pulled kids off the street, given them work, and by work I mean given them a traineeship or apprenticeship, of which they've lasted maybe 18 months each, or some other sh1t has happened. (Their issues not ours)
    As we can no longer afford to train inexperienced workers cos they just leave, we're forced to find experienced workers.
    I've never had a problem finding work. I work full time and got a job driving part time for extra cash. No experience driving an 18 speed RR, but got the job anyway and they trained me.
    Have you had help writing resumes or interview techniques? Maybe thats the problem??
  4. yeah i had the same problem, luckily i found an apprenticeship.
    it really cheeses me off, everyone wants the experianced person, but no-one wants to put the time or money into training them.

    i spent 6 months looking for work 2 years ago. then i came home from overseas a mid last year, and the apprenticeship was the first job i applied for.
    incredible hey.
  5. Try going to Seek.com.au and put 1st year apprentice in the search field.
  6. Jym, can you use a computer? I work on a call centre, you can be trained to answer calls and listen to people complain, it's a job, dont pay heaps but more then what youre gettin if you have no job, always easier to get a job when you're in a job. What say you young fella? If you can use a computer, not scared to learn! Lemme know.. no gaurnatees but where I am they are always training people and recruiting, and yes, I ride to work, park out front and ride home daily :) thats the ONLY good thing :)
  7. The mining industry wouldn't have that many traineeships because people dont tend to stick around that long, it's not worth their time, if you're after an adult apprenticeship I'd suggest doing the pre apprenticeship tafe course and the approaching employers directly and sell yourself to them. In fact approach the employer or recruiter fany jobs you apply for, dont let yourself be just another CV in the pile.

    And just remember that when you see the list of requirements in a job ad it's a wish list, not manditory (on the truck driving, I know of 3 people that got a licence and walked in to a job with no experiece in the logistics industry in the last two years)
  8. Oh Goddie, where were you when I was living in Keilor? Essendon is a bit of a ride from Broadford :D

    I've done a Cert II in Business so I have been properly trained to write cover letters and Resumes.

    I've also got a Cert IV in Disability. I was assured I'd find a job out here, but low and behold its all Aged Care out here, which I'm not qualified for what-so-ever.

    I almost finished my chef apprenticeship in QLD but had to move down here for family, and couldn't find a job, now the curriculum has changed and if have to start over.

    I need to go to centre link but I phoned them and was informed I can't get in until I've been unemployed for at least 6 weeks.

    So with no money, no car (I only ride) no home (I live in my sisters shed) and no employment agency Im struggling to find work.

    AND with my cert IV I'm not entitled to any government funding unless I upskill to a diploma.

    I royally kachuffed myself!
  9. Come to canberra. there is still a reasonable amount of construction work going on.

  10. Don't do that

    I teach construction at the University part time and have construction experience

    even I can not get a job in construction in Canberra
  11. Tried the defence force?
  12. Join the coppers? - It doesn't matter how stupid/lazy/illiterate/corrupt/antisocial/narcissistic/underachieving you are, they'll find a place for you. Plus, you get to supplement your income by shaking down drug dealers/stealing their gear.
  13. Broadford is going to make it difficult as work is limited out that way, not sure what you're looking for but sometimes it's worth signing up with a job agency, casual work can sometimes lead to offers of fulltime employment with the people you're contracted too.

    And here's my confession, when I advertise and start reviewing resume's for prospective employee's (stores people and drivers) I am one of those who would normally discount those under 30 and single unless their resume contained a good reference.
    Why ..... Past experience of unreliability ..

    Not a dig at you mate, just stating how it is
  14. whats single got to do with it ?

    personally it really bugs me when corporations prefer married people who are in debt to their eyeballs so that they can control them

    the amount of discrimination against bachelors is huge

    I am always asked - about wife/children and when I respond I have neither I get a raised eyebrow
  15. Festival crew, make some cash in summer. The hours are long and the work is hard.
    But my god is it fun.
  16. If it's a traineeship that you want then check out www.megt.com.au

    I'm in the middle of a traineeship at the moment. These guys offer many traineeships in many different fields. I'm doing one as a live performance technician. In my induction group there were two about to take on plumbing, one as an electrician, and another two doing some kind of business qualification.

    They have been great to me, check up on me and ask how I'm liking everything, constant feedback, and it doesn't hurt that my field officer is quite attractive too. ;)
  17. It's illegal to even ask those questions.
    Just sayin...
  18. Tak, it's not about control it's about commitment, nobody wants to keep having to fill the same position due to people moving on, we have found that those with commitments will normally be the ones who will stick with the job and are more willing to commit to overtime because yes, they have a family to raise and normally a mortgage to pay.

    Our industry isn't highly paid, we pay above award but even then it isn't great money, what we find is that the younger the person is the more desire they have to seek better pay.. a good thing for them but not the best atributes if you are spending time and effort in training, etc.

    p.s. I won't emply motorcyclists either, those bugger have a sickie every time the sun comes out..... 8-[
  19. now thats funny
  20. I got a call this morning actually, there's explorative geologists looking for drillers and offsiders in the goldfields. Its not as good money as the actual mines, but if I can land an offsider role, it gets me the experience and a leg up to the mines next year.

    Fingers crossed