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Where the feck did you come from!?

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by thermal, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. So, got my first taste of motorcycle targeted rage today.

    Coming up the left hand lane of a two lane road, due to parked cars and stupid tram stops, it essentially becomes one lane. Knowing this, I quickly checked my mirrors, spun my head around - everything was clear. I think I even indicated for one or two clicks before moving across.

    About 100m up the road I spot a blue car in my mirrors coming up hard and flashing its lights at me. For a split second I thought it was the old bill, but instead it was some maniac who then proceeded to undertake me right where the road narrows because of a tram stop. He drives past waving his arms like I'd killed his pet squirrel and then continues along in a 60 zone at around 45. I just threw a hand up in the air like 'WTF Mate?'.

    As you can imagine, I was somewhat confused by all this and decided to leave some space in case he tried to test my braking skills.

    The next intersection, the light had just turned red and he was first. I pulled up next to his window, flipped up my visor and asked him what I'd done wrong. (I am a learner, but I have been on the roads for 8 or so years in a car and I just couldn't work out where he'd come from.) His response 'You frightened the life out of me.' So then I said that I'd checked the lane before changing and no one was there, so I asked 'Where did you come from?' He just said, 'Let this be a lesson, as maybe next time it'll save your life.' I just said 'Well, as far as I'm concerned you came out of nowhere.' He just shook his head and the light turned green so he drove off waving his arms around again.

    I've been thinking about this for an hour or so now and I can only come up with one possible explanation. I was riding in front of a two-tone purple/blue WRX and while I'm not a huge fan, I did find myself looking at it in my mirrors frequently. Before I changed lanes, it was behind me. My guess is that the idiot that nearly ran me over pulled out from behind the WRX at the exact time I pulled out - only he was probably attempting to overtake the WRX and didn't know I was there.

    Can I assume he's in the wrong here, as he didn't even mutter the old classic 'You cut me off.' I could see in his face he knew he was wrong, but I just wish I knew where he actually came from - mainly so I know to look there next time!

    All in all, I'm glad he didn't actually hit me, because he certainly looked like he was trying his best. Though I did visualise my leg lifting high enough to remove a mirror; I don't think I'm flexible enough... :p
  2. Asshole.

    You were in the right. Seems like you were already in the lane by the time he got there...

    Some people are just twonks. They don't like it when someone else is better than they are and proceed to try and bully you over it. Well done on flipping the visor, doubly well done on being seriously polite about things. A few, more dubious people on here would have cracked the shits big time and done something much worse.

    All the zombies with no driving skills were on the road today...
  3. Maybe you did unintentionally scare him, I have been riding a long time and I have been "suprised" while in the car to find a bike beside me or
    "coming out of no where" No excuse for his attitude though.
    It's all part of the learning curve motorcyclists like to call "survival"

    That's why I firmly believe LOUD pipes save lives,
    Just file it away in your list of shit to be aware of while riding.
    stay safe Thermal
  4. Tell him to check his mirrors and FFS flip the bird.
  5. Who knows? He reckons you scared the crap outa him, because HE reckons you did something dangerous. To rectify THAT, he tries to scare the crap out of you, and puts you a higher risk! Well done car man, that solved everything didn't it.

    Forget all about it. Maybe you did something he didn't expect - therefore making you 'wrong'.

    You rode smart to keep away from him. The wisest of choices. :)
  6. Bikes really do come outta nowhere sometimes, and I know from experience on both sides of the proverbial fence. I drive a truck for work, and I've had bikes seemingly appear out of nowhere almost instantly after I've checked my mirrors. I don't like it when it's happened, but it doesn't take much for a bike to quickly split a lane or 2 and be a handful of vehicles further up the road in a blink of an eye, but obviously we all know that already.

    Gumbies like the bloke in the OP's story don't understand that, and he obviously shat bricks once he realised the bike was there. There's almost no excuse for not spotting a bike when you're in a car, people are just lax and do not pay enough attention anymore.

    I agree with Nobby, the louder the bike the better! ;)
  7. Plenty of times ive snuck around cars, then looked at the other cars knowing they dont know im there. A few started looks as you ride past their window usually confirm it.
    Im very observant when driving, especially on the look for bikes, but still ill be looking right and one will pass me on the left, totally unexpected.
    Things just happen much more... fluidly? on a bike. People who havent ridden one dont understand that.
  8. Yeah, I guess I didn't realise just how much some people hate motorbikes being on the road. Before I started riding, I certainly didn't consciously see them as often - thankfully never any smidsy situations on my behalf though. Apart from probably being a little jealous sitting in traffic and seeing someone weave through it, I was never held up by someone riding so I had no reason to rage. Push bikes, in some circumstances, I have a different opinion on though - but that's another story.

    Oh well, I'm slowly filling up that bucket of experience... hope my luck bucket is big enough to see me through.
  9. @ozae: trucks and vans I avoid like the plague and always assume, they cannot see at any point. My overtaking manuevers are generally really fast. If I see the blinkers come on, I GTFO of the way. Because trucks and vans are so slow, it seems to me that it is a good way to ride. So far I haven't had one close call with a "big" vehicle.

    @Thermal: I don't think people hate motorbikes per se... I think cagers (not nessarily people) are jealous creatures with some serious complexes. Seeing a bike go flying past erks some people. They either can't handle being so slow, hate their own vehicle, hate riders because they are different or a thousand other ways.
  10. It is most certainly a jelousy thing, mainly shown by people living in areas with heavy traffic. I don't get assholes too often in 'the shire', but outside our area, with the exception of school holiday times and dumb bitches lacking the spacial awareness necessary to pickup their children in their 4WD lexus resulting in the death of a motorcyclist in Kirrawee, is the only place I notice jealousy-induced moronic behavior.
  11. Jealousy is the best description, and King Georges Road is the worst in my experience; it's a 6-lane carpark, 7 days a week, but there are places where you can filter away up to 2Km at a time.
    They sit in their cages quietly steaming at the traffic, and then we cruise past oblivious to it...
  12. I often beep the horn just before passing to let vehicles know I'm there, it is after all the reason why a horn is a mandatory feature. The downside of course is the fact most Australians view the horn solely as a giant "f*#k you" button, and react accordingly.
  13. in vietnam if you dont touch the horn at least once every 5 seconds you're doing it wrong.
  14. Indonesia's the same. Though I did laugh at the Aussie tourist I saw trying to drive a rental car through peak hour traffic getting aggro with every car that beeped when they passed him.
  15. I've had bikes give a little beep as nearing me or passing my truck, I usually give them a little wave or a thumbs up so they know I've seen them.

    One of the places I've noticed a bit of agro towards bikes filtering is in the M5 East tunnel, that place is a carpark 80% of the time, had a couple of brain surgeons move across on me while slowly splitting through there coming out of the city. I wish they could of seen the smile on my face as I squeezed past them. =D>
  16. Yeah I've found truck drivers to be pretty good at letting bikes past if they know you're there.