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Where the 'beep' is my bike?!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by I Adore Vic, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. :|

  2. Not what you wanted to happen!!! A call to say he'd been delayed, couldn't make it would have been in ordir i would have thought.

    i know who's calling the dealership 1st thing in the morning. ...

    Hope it all works out.

  3. have you got his mobile number, did he call your house or mobile, retreive it. Not good. maybe he is lost?
  4. No phone number other than the dealership.

    He rang my house. Was quite certain he'd be here in one and a half/two hrs.

    Since then....nothing.

    Doubt he's lost. He would've rang me or got directions from local shops. I'm not that hard to find.

    Part of me is peeved that he hasn't rang and the other part of me is worried that he may well have a berloody good reason for not ringing.

    Drew...yep...will certainly be on phone in morning.
  5. I just did a search on google and found a mobile number for the dealership.

    Rang it and spoke to the guy.

    Apparently he couldn't get the right indicator to work....and seeing as he's not very electrically minded decided to wait till tomorrow to get one of the guys to have a look at it.

    And he said hopefully they'll get it sorted tomorrow and he'd TRY to get it out to me then.


    Okay. Two things. I'm pissed off to the max.

    At him. He should have rang. It would have been the right thing to do. He knew I was hanging around waiting for him. He was inconsiderate and rude.

    And at me. Actually, more angry at me than at him. Why? Because I didn't even get pissed off at him. Sure, I wasn't friendly on the phone...but I should have said something - like told him I'd have appreciated a phone call keeping me up to date with what's happening. That I've been sitting around waiting for him all afternoon. It's typical of me. My oldest daughter growled at me afterwards...said I shouldn't have said 'Thankyou' when he said he'd try and get it to me tomorrow.
    Wish I had more balls. Or I wish I had someone with balls. :( Too berloody nice sometimes. :(

    Now thinking of going over there in morning (30mins away) and finding out what the hell is going on. I have trouble believing his 'indicator' story.

  6. And the b@#$#@! didn't even apologise.
  7. When you're still trying to get service out of someone, often discression is more useful than anger. Sounds like you behaved well given the situation.
  8. Maybe you should complain after it arrives.

    If you get angry now, perhaps it may end up like embarrassing a waiter when your food is undercooked. He returns it from the chef with his own spit mixed with your mushroom sauce!

    If you yell at him now he'll probably pour water in the brake master cylinder. You won't find the rust/saggy brakes for months so you couldn't blame him.
  9. you dont have to 'get angry' at people in these situations. u just end up sounding as tho ure using emotion rather than intellect.

    you simply ask 'why didnt you call me?'. its too late to biatch to him now. make sure you get some evidence of his story and then tell his boss.
  10. gimme the number
    1 :soapbox:
    2 :blackeye:
    3 :dance:
    4 :bolt:
    5 :beer:

  11. broken indicator ehhh? so instead of driving out your bike to you on a sunday, he got to spend an extra 3 hours watching the football and relaxing on the couch.

    interesting that he was thorough enough to provide a pre delivery inspection for you and discover the 'broken' indicator, but not thorough enough to call you and let you know.

    in summing up - the guy is full of shit.
  12. You cant ride it.

    Getting angry is pointless.

    I bought a new PC and two LCD monitors on Monday. Only 1 monitor in stock that was black. (tomorrow for the other one im told). Get home, set up the monitor for the wife's pc, tomorrow comes and goes, (sorry, it will be one week delay, no stock) I hung up and was pretty pissed. Then thought, ahh well, at least I have a monitor that I can use.
    Sometimes, shit just happens :)

    Or am I just getting old? :shock:
  13. I'd ring up, cancel the order and then buy a second hand 250. Brand new 250 is a big loss of $$ for a bike you probably will have for less than 2 years. (15 months for most :grin:)
  14. Hope you check for dead pixels :) http://www.ykwong.com/checkemon.html
  15. i think he might have dropped it on the way over to your house. or clipped the rear of a car, hence the brocken indicator
  16. Meh - who knows what the hell is going on. Over it now. Amazing what reheated pizza and a can of bundy can do.

    Better be here tomorrow....or else I'll ..... be here bitching about it again.

    Rosie - at least the bike's alright!
  17. When you take delivery check the odometer, predelivery wont have much more than 5km on it, possible that during predelivery check and setup the indicator didn’t work and that they didn’t get the time to sort it, Saturdays are busy at any dealership, if he did indeed ride it around the odometer will tell the tale, new means new with not many km on it.
    OT but on my way to work i pass by a Merc dealer every day, at least once a week i see 1/4 of a million dollars worth of car getting thrown around sideways, trader plates & all the shipping stickers still on :LOL:
  18. good point duhast, if he tryed to get it to her and crashed it on the way she will know by the odometer reading.
  19. odometer had 4kms on it in the store on Saturday. Will definitely be checking it when it's 'finally' delivered to see what sort of k's are on it.

    If it has been dropped/crashed, what's the best way to check? (apart from scratches) He knows I'm not familiar with bikes and may feel he's able to pull a swifty on me.

    BTW, I've already paid for it...did so on Saturday. Beginning to realise that wasn't such a good idea.


    Rosie - who has a lot to learn.
  20. You know, he didn't seem too sure he'd be able to deliver it tomorrow either. Could it be he's got a few repairs to do besides trying to fix that 'defective' right indicator?