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Where should I practice? Newtown/Inner west Sydney. 1st post

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by plainfaced, Oct 2, 2006.

  1. Hi there.. Just joined the forum today. Looks like i'll be here for tips and learning before making the move and getting my license.. Now before my question, just a little history. Im 26 now, and first got my L's when I was 20. The first day of commuting I got cleaned up by a car. I was coming down a main road (obviously I had right of way), Noticed a car giving way to a street on my left. All of a sudden he is pulling right into the road im on, and half a second later Im over his bonnet. Not fun..

    Anyway. Im aware of the learner rider courses available. BUt still know theres nothing better than practice.. Just wondering any secret spots in the inner west of sydney. Prefferably around Newtown/Marrickville?

  2. Olympic Park is ideal, but you have to make it there first.

    When I first started I took the bike over to Cantebury Race Course and practiced on the empty strip of road next to it (starting from standstill, gear changes, braking and downshifting etc). You also have the benefit of the surrounding wide, quiet residential streets with a good mix of corners to practice on as well.

    I'd tag along with you if I had my bike.
  3. Yeah sweet. Ive seen a few posts about Olympric Park.. Looks like the go.. So im gathering there will be a few people there. Probably a good thing. By the way the posts are here, it seems like a real commumity feel. I'd love to meet with a few other learners..
  4. I would suggest the back streets of Alexandria or Botany. It's quiet if you choose the right spots, you can stop and start to your hearts content and just pull over if someone comes by.

    Newtown, deeeefinately not the place to try and getting some practice in. Hell i avoid the place on my bike and in my car.
  5. Just be careful of the amount of gravel and other rubbish on the roads in the Alexandria area.
  6. There is a nice carpark at TAFE(?) on Edgeware Rd. It's on the corner of Edgeware and Camden St, a few hundred meters down the hill from the intersection of Edgeware and Enmore Rd - coming down Enmore Rd from Newtown, turn left into Edgeware.
    I often see bikes and scooters practicing there.