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where should i go?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by MrWasabi, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. hey guys. Everyone i know is at EC racing or away for vacation so no chance for a monday cruise. I need to get out of the house and would like to know if anyone has any suggestions as to where i can go?
    I am in Sydney near Parramatta, and i dont want to go for an all dayer, maybe 1-2 hours.
    Keep in mind i am on my L's, mainly because i havent been bothered to go for my P's, but keep me off freeways.

    anyways any suggestions would be nice. Thanks

  2. I think mr wasabi need some cans.....
    you obvioulsy can ride as your sooo ready for your "P's" :roll: , how about this for some where for you to go...

    Go get your P's and sit in the saddle a bit more than 120 min and enjoy the blue mountains.... if you like i know plenty of L platers than can hold you hand on the freeway....

    I see your planning on stepping from the 250 to the ZX14.... Better start practising
  3. ^Huh???? Where the hell did that come from?
  4. with a title like "where should I go??" come on.... do i need to spell it out...... :LOL:
  5. Hey Mr Wasabi, I can tell you where to go ... I have a motorcycle atlas and they have some great rides listed.

    One ride would be (16) from Richmond to Lithgow across the Blue Mountains 82km.

    Another would be (29) from Wahroonga to Gosford via the Pacific Highway 50km.

    Or, how about (38) from Terrey Hills through Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park to West head (or Commodore Heights) 14km.

    These are the routes I'd love to try that are close by you.

    I hope I'm not too late to tell you where to go!
  6. Dan, why don't you tell me where to go and i'll tell you where you can shove it :twisted:

    I've been riding for over 2 years, mostly commuting and have only just recently gone up to road warriors with a mate. I still ride a 250cc and prefer to keep off freeways due to the fact that they are boring and 250s are guttless.

    I'd also like to know where to go for a bit of a ride. Its hard searching for and keeping track of good roads for novice/intermediate riders.

    I rekon the site could benefit from a sticky thread with suggested roads, skill level, whether its fine to solo, or better with a group, etc.

    Is there a thread already that someone can point me to?

    I'm also near parramatta by the way MrWasabi
  7. knock yaselfout... :LOL:

    try bells or putty, i was givin mr wassabi stick cos is was implying he is way better than his "L's" licence and is too lazy to go get his "P's"

    if you want and awesome day, a bit technical but you would learn a truck load try jenolan caves... via bells Mt vic and so on..
  8. Can happen. I spent a bit over a year on L's simply because I was too lazy to go for the P's test. Even now I'll still avoid major freeways if I can, too many idiot drivers on them.
  9. if saftey is your concern JD, the hwy is the place to be.. even if you are doing your legal 80 or 90 or whatever it is.... plenty of "other" idiots out there on four wheels and some on two wheels that take twisites as race tracks, just takes a blind corner, you or someone else to over cook and then... well you know the rest, look at the stats... old Pac, putty Rd and the Natio have all had serious motorcycle accidents.... think you will find the odds are better ona freeway, and yes i do agree alot more boring tho
  10. Highways are fine, it's freeways I don't like.
  11. whats the diff??? most major roads out of sydney r dual carriage way
  12. Basically freeways are the multi-laned roads found only in major capital cities - highways are the roads running into and out of the city and all over the rest of the state (both single and double lane). Though I'm sure the road laws have a far more specific definition.
    Two lanes are fine, it's when you have three or more that the system of keeping left seems to break down and you get dickheads swapping lanes every 5 seconds. Those sorts of roads I prefer to avoid if I can.