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Where should I go for my Qride?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by LycRaf, Jul 1, 2015.

  1. Hey guys, I just got my RE learner and I want to do my Qride in the near future maybe next week, I have no experience with motorcycle, will doing a 2 day course enough? I live in Brisbane area, so it will be good if you can suggest places that around Brisbane area. thank you

  2. Hello, welcome to netrider, how about we stick this in a more appropriate forum.
  3. Hi and welcome to the forums. I'm confused how you got your RE without doing Qride?? Or did you mean you got your L??

    I went with Hart in Springwood. Did the two day course, even though I used to ride on the farm. One of the other guys in my course had never ridden before and passed.

    Good luck.
  4. I made the effort to do my Q-ride in Gympie, as I wanted the best possible training.

    If you are willing to travel that far, send me a message and I will pass on details.
  5. I did the two day QRide through Stay Upright at Mt Cotton, but under the older QRide system. On that particular course, under that system, and a few years ago, I didn't like it. It would be fair to say that the two days didn't go well and it wasn't sufficient (i.e. I didn't pass). They would give you more days until you got through, but for one reason or another I delayed it too long so I couldn't go back to Stay Upright for free. I ended up going again through HART at Springwood for the 1 day RE and again for the 1 day R, but only after I bought a bike and did some extended practice and supervised riding with the Ls on. That was better.

    I'd say about half of the people that do QRide without prior riding experience get through first time (1 day training, 1 day testing) and the others have to come back for more. I went in to the first course barely knowing where the clutch was, so it was probably not a surprise I didn't pass first go in hindsight.

    For my money, I'd go with HART Springwood for the two day course and if you don't pass the first time round buy a bike, get some practice, and then come back - given that they'll give you the extra day's testing for no cost. HART at Springwood just seemed more n00b-friendly to me than Stay Upright, but that might be the Queensland guy that was running the show a few years ago.
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  6. I completed my QRide about 3 months ago at RideSmart, Michelton. ridesmart.com.au

    They have exclusive use of a large area of the Brookside shopping centre car park. Instructors were very good, CB125e bikes are easy to learn on and they're well priced too.
  7. I did mine with Pro Honda on Ipswich road. The two guys that did the training were fantastic. They take you to an abandoned go kart track and let you ride around and around in between formalized lessons. I did the one day course being familiar with a bike, my brother did the two day course at the same place with no bike experience.

    We both highly recommend that place as the training was firm but very enjoyable.
  8. Just completed mine with motorcycle riding school in slacks Creek. Awesome course and instructors thoroughly recommend them.
  9. I also did mine at ridesmart mitchelton last weekend. Definitely a positive experience and would highly recommend them
  10. booked mine through Honda Hart last night, doing it on thursday ...i am nervous
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  11. I hope you booked the two day course. You should be fine. They were really nice and approachable guys.
  12. +2 for Ridesmart at Mitchelton, myself and Mrs used these guys.
  13. I used Honda HART at Slacks Creek. They provide a decent course and assessment. Instructors are very professional.

    I did try elsewhere first with a couple of lessons and it wasn't my style.

    I chanced upon the Motorcycle Riding School last weekend while shopping on Moss Street and they had a group and it also looked quite good. At least as nice as HART.

    As long as you get the "passport" at the end it's good.