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Where should I do my Q-Ride?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by megaphat, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. Hey guys i'm looking at upgrading to a R class license in a couple of weeks time.

    Whats the cheapest/easiest place in brisbane or gold coast to upgrade?
    Any recommendations?

  2. I'm not sure about cheapest/easiest but I know TopRider at Nerang is widely regarded as the best. Bernie is a champ.

    Ph 1300 13 13 62

    Best of luck
  3. I heard AMA were really good, but they don't have prices listed and I emailed them six months ago and still haven't had a reply.

    I'm now thinking of going through Honda(HART). They started in the last month or so at Brisbane airport for $390 for the 2 day course. At the moment you get 50% off one person if you bring a friend (or 25% off each if you split it).
  4. Hmm i just checked their website.
    $250 for one day assessment. Not bad - probably go with them.
  5. Oh yeah, just realised you are going for your R. Should be good then. Who did you do Q-Ride for your RE with?
    Or if you did the test instead, what was involved with that, was it hard?
  6. I did it with toprider. Several day course. They were thorough but simply too expensive.

    It wasn't hard, but it was exciting and I was frightened on the first day. But after about 20 minutes, it all got very easy (except that bloody clutch :LOL:)
  7. just curious whats RE and R?
  8. RE is restricted to 250cc or less (or LAMS bikes as of July 1st)

    R is an unrestricted rider's licence.

    I think there's also REA and RA for automatic restriction. All of this is irrespective of whether you are on P1, P2 or open licence - that is based off what your car licence is.
  9. ah in vic they just give us another permit, learners which lams bikes only

    then you test n go fulls. restricted for first year on lams bikes.
    only thing is if you have P plats on car, you haveta display on bike, althou means nothing.... YAY ima be on fulls upgraded bike and still haveta put Ps on lata in the year
  10. Pro HOnda Rocklea

    got both my licenses there. can't fault them at all
  11. I didn't know you did your RE with TopRider. I thought their prices were ok.

    I know people who got their RE through Pro Honda at Rocklea and they were quite happy - just don't buy your bike there unless you like being blatantly lied to and then fobbed off when you querey the lies.

    If price is the only consideration, I think HART at the airport is the cheapest (as someone said above). I guess if you're going for your R you know how to ride its more about getting the piece of paper so I guess the quality of the course doesn't really matter.