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Where or where are the big open spaces?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Samhain, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. Hey all,

    I'm a newb - got my L's not so long agao and have already managed to write off a bike due to a low(ish) speed collision with a corner curb....

    I should have my new bike in a week and I think my back will be healed up by then (2x fractured verts) so am keen to get back to it... though rather than jump out on the road and try to dodge curbs all day, I would prefer to get the leaning pracice in on some open tarmac...

    I am very confident and consider myself capable in traffic and lower speed maneuvering etc, though as soon as I need to lean the bike in, I find my line drifts.... so that;s what I want to practice... oh and not fixating on the curb when I realise I am getting close :(

    So, am wondering if anyone here in Melb knows of any big open expanses of tarmac, such as a shopping centre carpark without bumps and traffic lisalds etc, where I could praxcice leaning in with all the run off space in the world?

    Thanks in advance for your help! :)
  2. HART in tullamarine. pay for a practice session and use their bike
  3. Look where you want to go not where you shouldn't!

    The bike will go where you're looking. There's lots of info on cornering on the web and Netrider. First thing you should be doing is some research and reading.

    Practise on a push bike if you have to (you have ridden one before haven't you?) on some quiet streets and empty shopping centres to get the hang of it.

    A motorbike is heavier so you also need to apply more countersteer, but the theory is basically the same.
  4. If you can make it this far out THIS event will give you plenty of practice and confidence :wink:

  5. Highlighted your problem.

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. Thanks Andrew - I returned the favour...

    And for those who have contributed to this thread in a constructive, non assumptive manner - thanks for ur input!
  7. Well he's probably right. A little blunt however.
  8. If I rewrd my earlier statement to more acurately reflect my intended meening, does it make any difference?

    In general comuting, lower speed work etc amongst traffic and so on, I consider myself ot be confident and capable... though when in higher speed cornering on a greater lean (open road for eg), I find my line drifts....

  9. The only way you're going to learn is to get out there and do it.
    Go find some windy roads around where you live that have a nice clean surface and go for it.

    I think what he means, or what I mean at least is that you never stop learning, never think you know what needs to be known (or you'll know no longer). You know? No. Hmm.. right well, anyway.

    Don't get complacent.
  10. I certainly agree that more practice is required, which is the entire purpose of this thread - but I want to go practice somewhere safer than on the road, particularly since I broke my back in a perfectly "innocent" accident due to error, and I am not keen on testing myself out again immediately on the road in that situation, without confirming I am not shaken up still, first - which is why I am looking for a big bare tarmac somewhere?

    Sincererly though, thanks for your post! :)
  11. When I read that first I was thinking: Windy? Why would you want a windy road? Wind always puts me off a bit, especially when cornerin.......oooooh. Windy!
  13. It's not a huge space, but I have done some carpark sessions in Flemington carparks before. Used to be able to get into the show grounds, that's a good space. Oh and Highpoint carpark at night. They aren't huge so don't know how they would suit your purposes, but worth a look maybe.
  14. I live in Kensington - where abouts in Flemington did u practice?
  15. Sorry, should have clarified. I was referring to Flemington itself - the racecourse. Entry off Epsom Rd.
  16. Yes...NOW you're telling us where your problems are!
    How long have you been riding?...it helps to know.

    There is WAY to much on cornering to go into here....but there are ALOT of threads on the various aspects of it, with excellent information contained in them. Do a search on "Cornering" and many should come up.
    I would highly recommend a HART course to get you headed in the right direction BEFORE you go hurtling off down country roads.

    Finding a larfer area on which to practice your technique is important, so defintely do that, but realize that is quite a difference to higher speed cornering, than what you will be able to do in the car parks etc.

    You need to at least understand the fundimentals and importance of Counter-Steering, Body position, Road position, and Throttle control for starters...It would also help if you gained some insight into your bikes suspension dynamics, and perhaps something on Tyres and grip.

    But from this point on, remember this...."Look where you want to go - point your chin in THAT direction"

    Now go search the threads...you need to study up.
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  20. Learn to take criticism, or learn to crash well, your choice.
    You are a learner, you don't know much, lose the confidence and admit you know fcuk all.

    Regards, Andrew.