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Where not to park your bike!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by _joel_, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. [​IMG]
    i know this dude, very, very lucky :shock:
    he is expecting to get a serious anal-probing for his efforts.
    silly duffer, i told him to get some "Wet-Stuff"

  2. Damn, what was he thinking? whats the backstory?

  3. that it sould be good having one less cage on the road, even better that it was a nissan
  4. no real background to speak of ;)
    just fugged up doing something silly is all.
    he always had a keen interest in trials riding :LOL:
  5. dumb shit on two wheels!
  6. One wheel, according to the article.
  7. Pretty sweet work :LOL:

    Oh and it was a daewoo not a nissan, one less cage is a good thing none the less.

  8. That'll buff right out.

  9. All things considered, that took quite a bit of skill.

    Honestly looking at that photo, I think the bike came out on top.

    I crack me up.
  10. They deserved it :p.

    Also it said the guy landed 30m away...remember kids ATGATT, especially when doing wheelies on the wrong side of the road :p.
  11. at least the bike wouldnt be a write off, same can't be said for the poor bastards license.
  12. haha lol

    hey if i crashed that be a good way to do it
  13. I get the feeling he might need more than a new front guard. That's a fair impact.

    Where's the exhaust can?
  14. Living in the ville myself, and being 19, my parents as soon as they heard about this accident rang up and asked if it was me :S
  15. Isn't it ironic, that if this was a car into a motorbike there'd be a Netrider lynch mob forming, but when some giant fcukwit fcuks up someone's car and injures two people, it's cool and funny?
    And we wonder why the general public treats up like shit.............

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. Typhoon, it's natural for any group that sees themselves as marginalized to stick together in that way.

    A couple of bad taste jokes aren't quite the same thing as approval you know :)
  17. Expecting to see this on netrider soon?
  18. Yes, but why is the group marginalised in the first place? Is it because the majority of people see this sort of thing as the norm?
    I understand the jokes were light hearted, but frankly, I doubt anyone here would find it amusing if it were them covered in glass.
    Anyway, it was either some tosser showing off, or a fool who didn't have a clue about wrist control (actually, they are both the same :LOL: ). The best thing is they should hopefuly be off the road for a while (unless some piss weak liberal judge thinks he needs his licence for a 5 min drive to work or some such).
    As I said, if someone posted a photo of a motorcycle t boned by a car, this post would be at 10 pages by now.........

    Regards, Andrew.
  19. Jokes are quite aways from hero worshipping the rider. I'm sure everyone here would agree that the tard needs the book thrown at him.

    And hell yeah this is funny! The only person injured was the muppet rider and look at where the bike is! :rofl: :rofl: