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Where is your favorite corner?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Iondah, May 11, 2007.

  1. I have a new favorite corner. I have chanced my rout to work from going down Batman Avenue to now getting off at Power Street after going through the Domain tunnel. The exit from the tunel onto Power St is the most fantastic leftie. The road is brand-new and it's not blind. The recommended speed is 40km/h and my current top speed through it is 75km/h with a little bit of peg drag.

    So what's your favorite corner and where is it?

  2. the right hand turn at the end of my driveway - outbound :grin:
  3. Isn't the speed limit 60kph through there anyway?

    If your peg is dragging at 75kph through that corner then your bike is seriously lacking in ground clearance.

    My favorite corner(s) are Turns 1-12 at Phillip Island, with Turn 1 possibly being my very favorite.

    My favorite public road corners are the series of 45kph corners near the bottom of the Black Spur, where you can have as much fun as you want at about the speed limit.

    Pushing it hard through city sweepers can be fun, but eminently hazardous to one's ability to retain a licensed status.
  4. Bout 60-80km Melbourne side of Eden. Rode thru :shock: went WOW :woot: Turned around and went back and did it 5 times :dance: was that good
  5. I'll have to suss it out on the trip next month :grin:
  6. Anywhere thats not on the Calder between Melb and Kyneton :p

    for some reason I really like the hairpin on the back of Mt Macedon.....nothing special, i just like the feeling i get going round it. :grin:
  7. I said 75? I meant 60... :bolt:

    Yep my bike has crap clearance... I've put the pegs into the ground going around round-abouts before. Its probably got as much ground clearance as a Virago. :?
  8. Entrance onto the bolte bridge going out bound.
  9. with dje LOVE THAT ENTERNCE over took uggboots on it last night

    as for corners i hate... there is straight section just before apollo bay on the GOR the first corner is a decressing radius TIGHT (could just be cause i screw it up) bend... it gets me every time
  10. Theres a couple i like:

    1. The Ferntree Gully onramp city bound. You can crank it open and blast on the freeway.
    2. As Above the BIG left hander to get onto the bolte bridge
    3. theres a little S bend near my place (Power Ave - Ashwood)
    4. The Warrigal Road exit (turning left of the freeway) although only good if you get the green light (durrrrr) Always nice power wheeling out of that cnr
  11. right hand corner down my street off hanson road in Adelaide. why? coz there are hookers on that corner. haha
  12. yep i'll have this one too :grin:
  13. The problem with the Bolte onramp is that trucks have a tendency to drop shit on it. Lost count of the number of times I've seen powder, gravel and even paint on that corner!

    There are far too many good corners in Victoria to pick a favourite!
  14. Northmead McDonalds drive-thru have a nice little right-hand sweeper, with a superbly placed waiting bay you can run wide into at well over the recommended 15km/hour speed limit...
  15. you mean the mount emlay road between the can valley way heading to the coast ?
    thats wicked its a wide truck logging road where trucks do 120+ thru it loaded with logs cruzzed thru ther at 140+ :-w on my 250 and loved it

    has for favorate roads too many to list bolty the ftg on ramp inbound kings way onto westgate outbound god the list goes on

    too many to list
  16. I dont want 1 corner I want all corners :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    (Plagurised from The 5Th element)
  17. Turn 2 at Broadford.
    Lukey Heights and MG at PI.
  18. Tasmania, :grin:
  19. You mean that immediate U-turn you do when you get there & realise how boring it is? :grin:
  20. The Clarendon Road 'Scenic Highway' (it's just a 2 lane road, not much of a highway!)

    This is why I like it...