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where is the nearest track to canberra? (EOM)

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by nethern, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. as title.

  2. Wakefield Park in Goulburn
  3. "The Farm" mustn't be too far away either. However, I've heard that this track is "by invitation only" unless you're on one of Brenie Hatton's courses.
  4. Could always break into the police academy. The way their budget is getting cut they wont be using their track. Ha Ha and no one their to arrest you.

  5. The Farm is up at Peats Ridge, pretty far from Canberra, Bernie also runs Marulan which is closer
  6. Is there a first-timer teaching session in either WakeField or Marulan?
  7. Kind of. Log on to the Canberra Riders web site and ask there. They go up there twice a year and have a good time. I did a video of it earlier this year if you want to see how it operates and what a good time they have:


    It's quite long at 20 minutes as I did it for the riders and therefore left a lot of footage in so everyone could get a gander of themselves. There is a two camera on bike segment around 3.30 that's one of my fav shoots to date.

    I don't hang with the CR gang much anymore but the Marulan days are organised by a guy named Mark and he's a really nice guy.
  8. I watched your video. I can see the phenomon is quite relax. Good!

    It sucks that the track was wet.

    Looks like there will be a CR day on Wakefield in March 2012.
  9. Link to Wakefield Park track days.

    You'll be fine at Wakefield, they run a new to track days group that is very sensible.

    Good luck.