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Where is the missing plane?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Justin Stacks, Mar 14, 2014.

  1. So what is the media not telling us, and/or what are they hiding?

    As much as you may want to believe it or think it may be possible allow me to tell all of you that airplanes cannot just vanish out of the sky in this day in age, back in the day like Amelia Earhart did sure because we didn't have the technology back then like we do now to track planes. Suffice to say after the events of 9-11 a lot of safety and regulations were changed in the planes we see today.

    The black box is a very vital important part of a plane as it records and saves every single function the plane performs and it is damn near indestructible yes, but it is not the planes primary source for tracking and navigation. Anyone here ever used a flight number to watch your loved one in the air o a flight coming home? You can literally go to the airlines website punch in the flight number and watch a live stream of the planes speed, altitude, and location, granted they put a delay on this for the purpose of terrorists waiting for the plane to hit the right spot before they detonate the bomb that's on board as they know this technology exists but it's very real and it has many uses.

    Every single plane has this new tracking system in it and it's so that planes cannot disappear or if they are off course the people monitoring them can see it right away and assertive action can be taken. Because of this technology planes do not simply just disappear. Every single day there are air force and navy planes in the air that run a specific system that show every airplane in the air within 300 miles, these planes are all over the east coast, west coast, Atlantic, pacific, and in the med, the odds of a plane not being on any specific military planes radar are slim to none, with this being said it would be noticed immediately when a plane was on the radar just instantly disappeared. When the plane appears on the radar it has a specific code that identifies the aircraft as well, each airplane has a serial number that is translated by the code this keeps our military airplanes from confusing a friendly aircraft to an enemy and shooting them down.

    Now let's discuss it crashing, if a planes nose reaches a certain angle the AOA (angle of attack) it's system would send a distress signal immediately through the tracking software to the people monitoring the planes, not to mention you then take the laws of physics into play, when a 80 ton piece of machinery reaches a 45 degree angle downward with 4 propulsion devices thrusting it forward it will reach a speed of over 800MPH forcing the plane to lose altitude at an alarmingly accelerated rate, the altimeter would then also send a signal through the software. At this point the people monitoring are receiving red lights across the board, plane has increased speed + angle of plane + loss of altitude faster than the planes flaps are able to pull out of = plane is crashing. At that point they try to make contact with the pilot, regardless if they can do so or not they can get a precise latitude and longitude of the planes position and through the wonders of math calculate precisely where it crashed based on speed, angle and altitude, which can be taken immediately the emergency signal was sent.

    As you can see from above a plane cannot just disappear in fat air it's not something that "just happens" and if said plane was crashing it would have been known before the plane even hit the ground, these planes are monitored via satellite so unless the damn thing was flying through a tunnel don't come to me with "maybe it lost its signal".

    My guess, the plane never existed, its shit reporting that has sucked people in to possibly distract you from something else that has happened or is happening, they are very good at that and it's what they get paid to do. Does anyone here actually know anyone who was on said plane? There are thousands and thousands of people on this forum surely someone has a cousins, uncles, sister, brothers, dads, girlfriends, dogs, sister knows someone that wasq on that plane and is missing right?

    If you need to know my credential: I was a aircraft mechanic on one of the most technologically advanced planes we have the the United States for 4 years in the US navy.

    (I took this from another forum that I am on…thought it was very interesting. Very credible I think!)
  2. Was it an American website by any chance?
  3. It was another forum with members from all over the world.

    But probably more Americans discussing if there is a conspiracy involved.
  4. It is very strange it just disappeared without a trace!

    I'm really hoping it was alien's! Maybe next week they come back and say "here it is". Apparently the aliens have a wicked sense of humor!
  5. gotta love a good 'ol conspiracy theory!!!
  6. Conspiracy theories abound.
  7. McSenna stole it.
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  8. It was Chris Angel.

    Fark, I hate that guy. But I have to admit, this was a good one.
  9. Apparantly it's tracking beacon was turned off? How that is even possible is beyond me. Something fishy is going on
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  10. Plane is not missing, it is at Uncle Gregs house!
  11. [​IMG]
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  12. How hard is it to triangulate mobile phone signals? surely people would have been frantically making calls?
  13. No mobile signal out at sea, only satellite reception.
  14. To the dumb ass questions with you!
  15. If they are close to land they can use them
  16. Which probably proves that it went down out at sea.

    Conspiracy hat on - I'm going for the "A huddle of vicious penguin's attacked it" theory which is in no way related to your avatar.

  17. Wouldn't surprise me if its not sitting under camo on some jungle airstrip,you would think there would be some indication if its crashed.Very wield Are they checking for hollowed out Volcanos in th area
  18. I'm waiting for someone on FB to blame it on Abbot.
  19. Justus merged it with another plane
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