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where is he?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by russ, Oct 6, 2007.

  1. hmm after some *interesting* explanation on the theories of flight I noticed that incitatus has all but dissappeared...

    anybody know what the story is? :-k
  2. he decided that he would discontinue participation in the forums for personal reasons.

    /thread ;)
  3. and a huge loss he is, as is Gromit.... :(.
  4. You will be a huge loss too, Paul, if you keep on about bogan racecars at moron park
  5. The bogans aren't racecars - they are the NASCARlovin rednecks who've been on Mt Panorama for the last week so they don't miss the good bits!!
  6. I love Bathurst, raced there once, years ago when I was young and rich, but those silly holdiefordies are not it. Can't scrape your knee.
  7. I can't even scrape off the chicken strips!! Damn windy, blowing me around on the corners!!
  8. Don't try. It's the road out there and it is so much more dangerous than the track; any track. Even Bathurst, which is essentially nothing more than a concrete pipe with an open top.
  9. I got no intention of losing those chicken strips any time soon - as long as I can get round the corner, it shouldn't matter how far I lean, should it?! :)
  10. No. Don't go all ego blokey and try to do what folks say that you should. Respect the road. It is totally different to the track. The car racers say it too, to the young carheads.
  11. I got a 250, and I opted to only get a restricted licence, instead of going for the unrestricted. I'm a smart girl, if the throttle jockeys want to race off and leave me behind, I know how to find my way home!! I want to ride a bike for the feel of it, no cage, not to see how quick I can go, or dodge between cars.

    Sounds like I'm heading for a cruiser when I get the Mid Life Crisis!!!
  12. OK, but get a harlie. Some tattoos also
  13. Tatto is next on the list, followed by a Bus Licence, so we can all travel together in the rain, and only I have to stay sober!!
  14. Good. At least you have a workable plan.
  15. Major plan now to hit the sack, must stop drinking pepsi max and latte's, should try and include water occassionally so I can go to bed at a decent hour!!! Leave you to it, MVrog, enjoy the GP
  16. ferrsure. Cheers
  17. Now there is a recipe for a long and distinguished riding life.
  18. Thanks!! I'm taking that as a compliment!!

    My brother has had a spill or two, my husband had his bird written off less than 2 minutes from leaving our house, and my cousin, may he rest in peace, died what he loved doing best, riding his bike through Buderim.

    So those events are always in the back of my mind, whether I'm sitting in my car, watching out for bikes, or riding the bike myelf. I think my motto should be 'Self-Preservation'!! :)

  19. hmm ok... bit left field but no matter... praps I missed something.
    thanks for the info.
  20. Sorry, Russ, we kind of hijacked your thread in the early hours of the morning!! Check out the Bathurst Poll and you'll understand the damage us late-night netriders can do when you're sleeping!!