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Where in America to buy A* boots and jacket?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by alex92, May 23, 2010.

  1. Hey guys,
    I'm after a blue Astars CR leather jacket and blue/blk/white S-MX5 Boots. Where would you guys recommend buying this stuff from? Any good websites that provide decent prices and quick shipping?


  2. Considering the Australian dollar just dropped, you might not want to be set on buying from the US
  3. considering the australian dollar is going to keep dropping, you may want to consider buying sooner rather than later?
  4. Considering how often people here belly-ache about local dealers, perhaps you should be supporting them, instead of trying something on in Ringwood and then buying it from Richmond, U.S.A. :roll:.
  5. +1...
  6. Support local. F*ck overseas
  7. hmm spend $2k on gear from australia or $1200 from america? hard choice..
    only thing ill be buying from Australia is helmet because of Australian standards.
  8. Im on both sides of the fence on that issue. Gloves, helmet and draggins locally, but in the case of my jacket, i was definately not going to pay 900 for something i can get delivered for 500, posted.
  9. be careful. over $1000 you get import duty which could wipe out the savings
  10. yeah cheers mate, ill be buying in 2 seperate lots :)
  11. Local retailers need to become more competitive, the internet has exposed them to a global market and they need to take that into account. Personally, I'd pay a 10-20% premium for the service you get and the ability to actually see what you're buying at a local retailer, but a lot of things are closer to double the cost.

    However, I do agree with your point about it being dishonest to take advantage of the services provided by a local retailer and then not give them a sale, or at least the opportunity to offer a competitive price.
  12. I will always approach (with a view to supporting) a local retailer. Most stores in Australia (Melbourne, in my case) are reasonable in terms of offering a discount on items - I have found a mere mention of going rates (from my extensive research) of similar items elsewhere around the globe usually brings bargaining 'to the table'.

    Unfortunately, some stores will not budge from their sale prices. Moreso, present rude customer service with a 'take it or leave it' attitude. In these instances, I am more than happy to try others, ultimately buying online from USA, for example, if my Australian options are exhausted.

    Though the Australian dollar has dropped compared to past months, make no mistake - trends seem to suggest it will drop further. For those wishing to place orders for equipment from overseas, I'd say NOW is a pretty good time to do so.

    Happy purchasing :)
  13. http://www.jakewilson.com...... i bought 2 sets of tyres from this mob saved $500
    when our dollar was worth 93.77 arrived in a week by dhl australia they are also on facebook
  14. If you are buying a few items from US, it will be worthwhile to place your order by phone because you can ask for discount. If you order online, it will be the manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP), because certain brands do not allow online stores to advertise discounted price to undercut each other, that makes their brand look cheap.

    Especially you are buying a jacket and boots, both are high markup items, I would say you can easily get 5% to 10% off or at least enough discount to cover the shipping.
  15. Another thing to note too gals 'n' guys :

    If you are ordering from the States, consider shipping/postage charges. As has been mentioned already in this thread and by myself several times, RidersDiscount offer an excellent service, even on parts they don't advertise directly through their website. Whatever part/item you need, email them and they will find it and promptly reply in their email, the cost of each particular part, estimated shipping date and cost.

    I have dealt with Chris Knight, Manager, and the service he and his team have provided has so far well and truly exceeded my expectations. More to the point, they will include ALL your ordered items under the ONE low shipping charge of US $25, flat rate. Of course, this shipping charge assumes most items are within pre-determined size limits, but one can clarify this with them prior to accepting the purchase.

    I have recently put this to the test with an order for a Yoshi Carbon TRC Slip-On can for my GSXR1000K5 (pics to come) from JCMotors (USA), and their postage/shipping charge was US$50, still affordable but higher than the former in mention. In the latter case, JCMotors offered a can at very cheap prices, compared to BGW (Sydney-based retailer at 'USA-prices'), just one example, saving me around Oz $160...oh, and a 5-7 week wait.

    I did purchase Pazzo racing levers though, from Bike Gear Warehouse..spreading the love, blah blah.