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Where I live sucks but its worse elsewhere!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by drewzor, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. #1 drewzor, Mar 28, 2008
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    I've spent time in Fitzroy and its worse there.. central coast has 12pm shut down and they go stab each other after 1pm.
    piss and biff go hand in hand, what do you expect?

    what would you do? close pubs? inforce 1 cokeacoala to 1 beer?
    automatic defence force enrolement for violent offenders?
  2. Problem with the Central Coast is that aside from going out and getting pissed, there isn't really an awful lot to do.

    Add to that the high proportion of residents who are on some form of welfare, and have a drug and/or mental health problem and the mind-numbing suburban sprawl, and you can see that the place is a real Utopia.

    I used to live on the CC but in the rural part and basically avoided going east of the F3 - except to do my shopping at Tuggerah.

    The Central Coast is a hole, and that's being kind.
  3. Central Coast sux, housing affordability a few years back saw the surge in buyers moving from Sydney, in another 5-10 years traffic etc will be as bad as Sydney, and affordability is all but gone, it costs as much to live in the beter parts on the CC and in Newcastle as a decent suburb in Sydney.
    Thank god I live in Rose Bay
  4. That's funny, when I went to Newcastle I couldn't believe how placid people were compared to a night out in Canberra :p
  5. The link didn't really show anything bad? Two dudes throwing girl punches was the worst thing in there. I suppose bad is the wrong word, but really, nothing in there that you wouldn't see in other cities on a sat night surely.
  6. i think every area have it's problems. i live in the central west of nsw, small country town of about 50,000 and i can tell you there is no lack of fcuk wits here. me and the wife dont go out much at all cause of all the drunken wankers and bitches. you go out for a nice night on the town and there is no shortage of dickheads willing to scew it up for you. i think it's the same in most places. just something else we all have to live with.