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where I can get recycled merbu or hardwood decking? VIC

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by smee, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. I'm after 140mm or 90mm wide merbou or hardwood decking and the innernet is too full of bad search results.
    Anyone here have any experience or built a deck and got some for their deck?
    If so where didyageddit?
    I'm also considering new as I need to redeck our deck soon and being 35 square metres thats a lot of decking.
    Approximately 242 metres of 140mm deck vs 369m of 90mm deck.

  2. could get some luck on ebay or find a building supplies auction in melb, we got laws auction here in syd that sells shit loads of decking
  3. Or look out for people doing renos and offer to take away the "old stuff".

  4. Stop searching for wood on the internet. [-X
  5. Good luck...one of the problems with second hand building materials is that the demolishers that ripped it up aren't too careful. Some stuff is ok for framing and things that aren't too visible but decking..???
  6. fowls do a timber auction from port melbourne, may be worth a look. There is also a recyled Timber place in west Melb/Kensington near the Seeing Eye Dogs/arden street railway crossing(if its still open).
  7. Thanks guys will be looking at fowles and that place Thera mentioned, as well as Whelans, otherwise I'll try and get the best deal new
  8. We did ours with a plastic substitute, made from recycled plastic, of course.

    Should last longer than timber.

    I don't like to use rainforest timber, as it encourages the bastards to rip them down.