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Where/how to park?!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Tildette, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. Hi all

    Got my shiny new toy today, rode it around the block a few times and had it parked underneath our pagola for me.

    Now I can't get it back out...
    (any Brisbaneans want to come help? :p)

    Feels like this belongs in the "Your embarassing newbie mistakes" thread.

    My options:
    1) Wheel bike through garage to pagola. Not good idea a) have to move my car every time, b) glass sliding doors between garage and pagola give maybe a finger width playing room to get through, and c) not strong enough to push bike over the ledge the doors slide along.
    2) Between garage and side fence is a gate. Park behind gate. Issue is maneuvering as the concrete path is reeeeally narrow (and I'm too small/weak/gumby to actually pick the bike up and carry it which is what was done for me today), though it could be widened if I destroyed mother nature's gardens and put some huge wooden planks/similar down.
    3) Park in driveway. Behind a kinda low bush or in front of Dad's truck (which isn't home between ~3am and evening).
    4) Park on road/nearby cul-de-sac.
    5) Leave car elsewhere (possible if I had other undercover parking options), park bike in garage and have Dad rip my head off/slash bike seat and tyres. I would leave the car outdoors if it weren't a 2006 Mazda 3 bought for me...

    Issues with 3 and 4 are protection from the elements, and security. Regarding security; I live next to a park. Very quiet area but soooo many children and some nights you hear drunks and find many empty bottles lying around.

    Anyone else had space issues? How have you dealt with them? DIY projects? Suggestions? Stories? That's the thing with Asian families... we have these tiny pieces of land with massive houses on them to store our bulk-buy toilet paper, so sfa in terms of yard space.

    WHAT DO?
  2. Option 1: Store at my place, rent will be payed thru borrowing the bike to get milk...

    Option 2: I'd suggest out of sight would be best, also a disk-lock should be on your 'useful things for mo-bike' list. Stops people walking your bike away, amoung other things. I'm not quite sure how Brisvegas has been going with the weather lately, but us Melbournians have been copping a fair bit of nasty hail as of recent times. So....

    For your situation, I'd suggest getting a disk lock and a weatherproof plastic/nylon/heavy synthetic material cover that you can throw over your bike. That will help by keeping it safer from the weather (it's true, weather covers will help protect your bike from the weather, I had it checked. :grin: ), it will also help in stopping someone simply walking away with it (lock your handlebars as well), the cover will also keep it a bit more ambiguous as to the value of the bike that is protecting...drunk people usually can't be bothered uncovering a bike anyway, they'd rather throw things at the next-door neighbours house.
    Also, for reference, drunks are creatures of habit, a short burst with a garden hose will work wonders for returning contestants! :popcorn: )
    I assume there isn't room in said garage for both the Mazda and the bike?

  3. Park in front of your Mazda. This means that you'll have to move the car every time you ride which will make you ask yourself "why don't I just sell the car?".

    Can you turn the bike in the pagola area. You should be able to walk next to the bike and clutch it up through the sliding doors, until you can ride it through.

    I don't have a great mental picture of your house but replacing the glass doors with a roll-a-door sounds like a good solution. You need to be able to get a boat into your back yard anyway (so you can buy your dad a fishing boat when you sell the car so that all will be forgiven).
  4. Park your car at work and ride your motorbike everywhere?

    I found with my double garage (not sure if this would work for you) that there's just enough space to spread out the cars and fit the bike down the middle. It's far enough forward to not block the car doors, and gets it out of the elements and away from wandering eyes.

    (And if you live near Jamboree Heights I could come and help you get the bike out.)
  5. Park it in the loungeroom like everyone else does. It was good enough for the Fonze.
  6. Cheers for the responses so far. Got a bike cover, disk lock is definitely next on the list. The garage itself really has no space around my car (there's another car in there, plus a freezer and shelves of work tools that can't be moved). Gave the sliding doors thing some thought and I really can't get it through there. If/when I first drop the bike, then I might, because what's a few more scratches? :p I believe they call it "character" or "loved".

    Oxley, so may take you up on that if I don't get it sorted soon. A mate is coming over tomorrow to see what the deal is with expanding the path around the side of the house. There's some Heineken (or... 5 Seeds if that floats your boat :/) in it if I take you up.

    Work's too far (St Lucia) and not able to have the car locked up undercover there. Plus we've arrived at work before to discover people have jumped all over the roof of our delivery car during the night!
  7. chuck the car out and put the bike :)...........

    If your a chick just hit up any guy Netriders, guys will do anything for a chick :p................
  8. Mazda 3..??? :-s ...... wont the bike at least fit crossways in front of the car??........

    other than that, get rid of 'mother nature' down the side path[-(
  9. park it in your bedroom or in the lounge room. drink beer whilst sitting on the couch and gaze longingly at it. polish it everyday and read it stories at night time. if it won't fit in the lounge room, sell your TV. if your couch gets in the way, throw it out. if your partner won't allow it, throw them out. and last but certainly not least of all, sell the mazda3 and buy a nicer car......or better yet......another bike :)......which would also free up plenty of room in the shed for both the bikes.....and you could get your partner back...and the couch......and buy a new TV :D
  10. Do you plan on using the bike or the car more? I used to park my two fiddy behind our car in a single garage. Its heaps easier to swing the bike if you reverse it in. Keep it nearly parallel to the door and lean it away from the car. That way if you stack it it wont land on the car. Our car was a forester so I would imagine a Mazda 3 would be shorter.
  11. My garage is only wide enough for one car. The car's a 2 door, so when the doors are open they nearly reach the walls. There is about 1.5 metre room lengthways. When I ride the bike I leave the car in the driveway, which gives me just enough room to get around on the bike. I don't usually bother putting the car in the garage whilst I am on the bike. When I return from riding, I ride the bike to the far end of the garage, and on a 45 degree (or close enough ) angle. I then have one of those furniture moving discs, plastic one side rubber the other. I put this plastic side down and put the back tyre on it. I then just push the bike around so it is almost parallel with the back wall. Usually do this with the kick stand down so the bike doesn't fall as I need all my weight to move the back tyre. Next time I ride, I just can then just turn the bike using just the handle bars to ride out.

    I'm a girl and have a cruiser but I only weight a chocolate bar (or 2) over 50kgs and manage this by myself.
  12. nathanshnoz, I'm already single for reasons like that. :p Also, reading bedtime stories to my bike... I like... :D

    The suggestions to squeeze the bike into the garage are good and I've been trying to play Tetris with all the stuff already in there but it just won't go; there's another car next to mine, Dad's work shelves already compacted around that, and a huge-ass freezer infront of my car with a wheel stop to just stop me ploughing into it when I pull into the garage.

    We have at least a temporary solution in having laid heaps of bricks down to widen the space down the side of the house, so I can at least get the bike in/out through the side gate. Dad isn't too happy about it, the bricks aren't exactly level (this was a real pain to push over, will be attempting to give it some throttle next time), there's a fair bit of sand to blow away, and I have to maneuevre a lot around Dad's truck, but at least I can ride. And build some strength in those little legs and arms.

    It can't be that bad :p
  14. It's alright. Main issues are just the bricks (moreso when I'm putting the bike in after a ride rather than out beforehand) and coming out around the truck on the other side of the gate. There's a fair bit of full lock this then that way, tipping over side to side and forwards/backwards to get around it without scraping the gate on the way. I went for a ride tonight and it was just awesome, so stuff it, all the struggling pushing over stuff/up even slight slopes and reversing; it's totally worth it. :)

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  15. Lol that's the spirit.

    Its what we do it for
  16. On the upside the harder it is to get out of there hopefully prospective thieves will leave it alone.