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where have all the riders gone??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by spenaroo, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. whats happening to the world,
    yesterday between 10am and midday i was out on the spurs, was looking forward to riding it for the second time (last time was as a new learner with my experienced cousin.... he ended up low-siding his 600rr, that was around 8-10 months ago..) heading up to warby i saw a few bikes, this got me exited.. i was going to be able to see some good riders, hoepefully be able to follow 1 or 2.. hit warburton and saw plenty parked on the main strip, then as soon as im out of warburton, nothing... zip zero nada, its a sunny day, the weather is great WHY IS THERE NO OTHER RIDERS ON THE REEFTON SPUR!!!.. so after an decent amount of time, with the only other vehilcles being 4WD's going in the opposite direction, i arrive at marysville....
    only to find the streets lined with motorcycles, and a sea of leathers at the cafe's... then i get back on the roads heading to the spur, some nice fast corners. had the engine on song in 4th or 5th, taking corners at $100ish
    only to find that all the r1's etc.. coming up to marysville with harleys or cars up their tale... not one of them giving it the beans in the slightest.
    finally i reach the spur... itd bike central... in the opposite direction. and once again not one was leaned over. by this stage i had the rythem nice and was scrapping my boots in the hairpins (no hero peg on the left, so boot hits first) having a ball of a time... dont think i dropped below the limit for more then a handfull of corners...

    but it just makes me a bit upset that on such a good day that i had no-one to share the roads with, as they were all either in cafe's or dawdling along in the opposite direction to the cafes.... with no-one riding any road remotly challenging and fun.....

    the cops dont need to police the roads here anymore (and i was looking for them.... didnt even see 1 speed camera let alone an officer), as it seems no-one bothers to actually ride anymore.... chef's social conditioning i geuss...

  2. First time I've heard anyone complaining about having too FEW riders on the road :LOL:...
  3. because the spurs are where the police go to book riders over the limit by wearing camo and hiding in the bushes, and other nasty little hidden tactics.

    There's plenty of other roads, and I saw quite a few on one of them yesterday.

    I also heard of a couple of runs going to do mansfield whitfield and other trips. Spurs are a good route for a trip, but not that great.
  4. I know quite a few people (myself included) who rarely bother to ride on the weekends anymore. - The popo are always out in force, trying to tax us into oblivion, so what's the point?
  5. Don't complain when that happens spen....
  6. The Black Spur is just a feeder road now,

    You cross it watching your speedo. and doing 60 KPH and staying inside the white line,

    Its just that you need to cross the spur to get to the good rides.
  7. I rode up Acheron Way and then down the Spur yesterday around 3-4pm, traffic was almost non-existent. More bikes parked at Beechworth Bakery than riding.
  8. It's brilliant isn't it. No bikes means no popo, but no popo means bikes. I went out on some of my favourite roads the other day and there was not a soul to be seen, the po-po have sent us back to the good old days bless em.

    Have a think about this Spen, it's because those cafe sitting latte sipping retards who can't ride the roads they use to get to their bakeries kept crashing that brought the heat. Don't encourage them.

    Find (or create) a crew to ride with, if they want to stop for coffee don't ride with them. Coffee = crashing, they should make an ad about it.
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  9. I drink gallons of coffee, Always have,
    And I dont crash too often, Hahahahaha
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  10. Whew! Thanks chef. I feel much safer now. I drink hardly any coffee, so I should hardly ever crash.
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  11. I don't ride on weekends, I ride during the week, no traffic and roads to myself generally. That's one advantage to 24 hr shift work. Could never go back to 9-5 job.
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  12. Great with no other bikes =D>

    But if you were up it, I'd expect a surprise in the mail:cry:

    I too did the Reefton on my way to the Supers, couldn't understand why I could sit on the tail of a group of sports bikes when I was aboard an old ag-bike. Until I had a chat with one of the guys at the next stop... speed restricted to the max. ](*,)
  13. The main reason that 'adventure' bikes are so popular is that enforcement has gotten so draconian along many of the popular riding roads... so lots of us are out exploring dirt roads instead :)
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  14. Feel sorry for you blokes down there in Victoria. I live in fear of my wallet/points/licence when down there, even in my car with cruise control.

    Up here if you are sensible, keep your eyes open and coose your time and place, riding is still quite enjoyable and fast. I have done a number of rides recently even over Easter and on weekends, and seen very few police even unmarked.

    Recently, I was out on a favourite bike road having a bit of a go, no-one around. Now I am competent, but I'm no Casey Stoner, have a decent bike but it is not an outright sportsbike, so I was keeping an eye on the mirrors in case some hoon on an R1 pops up behind me. On a bit of a straight, I notice a headlight well back. On the next short straight I notice he's almost behind me - gee he's quick! Then I notice his bike is white and has funny lights on it! Although they aren't flashing. So my stomach churns, I brake, he comes alongside and yells something, I indicate there's nowhere to pull over, he yells again so i fip up my helmet. "No mate, I'm just out for a ride myself. Ride safely, eh!" And off he hammers on his FJR. I didn't try to catch him, but I think he was just on his way home and having some fun, safely, like me..
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  15. Yep, not too much traffic along the C511 last weds!
    Wonder if it's the 110 kms of dirt?
  16. I was out there but if I head out the spurs I go early to beat the crowds and hopefully the fuzz. I usually like to take the trip over Mt Dandenong then the Gembrook-Launching Pad Rd then onto Warburton.

    I think you will find the damp roads and fog would have put some people off on Saturday, the fog didn't lift in Gembrook til 10:30. We pulled over to at the end of Reefton and just behind us came a group of about 10 bikes, mostly CBR1000s and Viffers. We quikcly left because one on the pillions in their group was one of the most loud and annoying women I have heard.

    Embrance the quiet roads, crowds bring unwanted attention.
  17. Didn't see you guys out on the Black 'one' the other day...nor any other bike for that matter.
    Doing the Spur at night at usual speeds is OH SO much fun !

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  18. Oh night spur, much wildlife around? Do you get a good view of tree matter on the road?
  19. There's the issue. Right there.

    I personally wish the power rangers on their crotch rockets were still up there crashing their brains out every weekend. Gives the cops something to focus on, and hopefully tie up their resources, leaving me to explore the other 99.9% of brilliant riding roads without being annoyed.

    No need to even do that. I'm thoroughly enjoying my current riding practices. Roll out of bed after a refreshing sleep in, turn off the phone, enjoy a leisurely and hearty breakfast, give the bike a once over, and head off in any direction that takes my fancy. By myself. No smoke stops, no coffee stops, I fill up when MY tank is empty, at whatever the f#ck servo is closest, (some of the servo snobbery astounds me these days) ride as fast or slow as I want, explore back roads that quite often turn to gravel, and if I like them, turn around ride them once or twice more, talk to total strangers in out of the way places, and head back home whenever I feel like it. So what if it's 9 pm and dark when I get home. 6 or 800 kms later. Knackered, but happy and relaxed as a pig in sh!t.
    Who cares where all the riders are? Not me, that's for sure.
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  20. Mmmm...I was up through the spur on Sat with a few blokes. You can ride the corners on the black spur, near the speed limit, and still have a reasonable time through the corners.
    But we were transitioning through to Marysville and beyond. We stopped for a break and a Latte, and relaxed a bit. It was a sunny afternoon, and sitting there was perfect.
    Until a group of wannabe's rolled through town, one of them standing up on his bike, hands held out like JC on the cross, steering the bike with feet, but struggling a bit to maintain a balance point. Right down the main street of town, past the new copshop, and the rest of us enjoying our coffee.

    Not everyone having a coffee is a retard....sometimes it's those riding past, and their mates that must think it's cool or something.

    Saw one plod the whole trip, hiding near Narbethong.