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Where have all the poets gone???

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by FALCON-LORD, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. I started up the Top reviews thread and got it stickied, but no one is posting any content to add...

    It's late spring, some of you guys must have had a heart pumping experience on a new bike worth lending some creativity to.

  2. Well, since you asked, here's one of my better little scribbles:

  3. Well loz thank you oh so much for your in put...
    But i was thinking something more along the likes of bike reviews that Off topic or humor...

    Damn muso's can't trust em to get anything right.
  4. I hear the twisties beckon
    I hear the nearby hills
    But I know I should be looking
    For a job, to pay the bills.

    But the Hornet's song diverts me
    From this task of great import
    So it's leathers, gloves and helmet
    And I'm off to have some sport.

    And while winding through the corners
    Listening to the wailing sound
    I promise that tomorrow
    Employment shall be found..... (yeah, right)
  5. Problem being that the post is called top reviews, and everyone's too modest to put their own reviews in there.

    It is then the impetus for other people to nominate reviews, which is unlikely to happen.

    The reviews that are in there are truly awesome, but I think the post should be more general and encourage the addition of any review that's more than a few hundred words.

    A large stockpile of reviews of various bikes could then be easily found (wading through the search function and minor information to get to the good stuff on the bike you're interested can be a chore.)

    There really aren't that many lengthy reviews on this website (or even the internet in general), so whether they are fantastically witty or not, the fact someone wrote a lengthy and comprehensive review should warrant mention?

    This is the first and only page I regularly read on netrider, and I really like reading info on different bikes, witty or not.

    Or just disregard what I said, I can see the appeal of a listing of really characterful reviews. However, you can't expect many contributions of the caliber of Loz, and Stack Munkey.