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Where has eswen gone ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by doonx, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. She's not been around for a little while, the erratic banter has dropped on the site ...........

  2. Maybe she's having no trouble with her boyfriend...

    /sorry Milos!
  3. Didn't she get a job?
  4. THAT'S not the way to go about getting those front forks!

    Actually I feel she may have a couple of jobs, doesn't she? If that's the case she's probably sleeping!
  5. Look how much we miss u eswen..... Whole threads start about you in your absense :p
  6. Mebbe she's gone a long ride...

    (Whoah, that was profound for my 1000th post...)
  7. ..specially since you probably meant to say "she's gone ON a long ride...." :p

    I shouldn't have put that "have my ups and downs" in my sig; maybe I wouldn't have had my recent 'down' :LOL:
  8. wasted, I reckon........... your 1000th post pete, not eswen !!!
  9. Trust you to be a pedant!!!! I did think about editing it, but I thought no-one would be tactless enough to point it out... :p
  10. Me, tactless? What strange accusation is this??? :LOL:

    I thought you left it out deliberately so someone would pick it up, and I didn't want you to be disappointed..... :p
  11. Congrats Pete! You've only got 1325 to go to catch Eswen! At your current rate of posting, if she doesn't come back it will only take you another 15 months! :LOL:

  12. yep, I've started planning my 1000th post after seeing you waste your one and only crack at it...
  13. Not long to go then Redrocket??? Better make it a good one...
  14. saw her at coffee sunday , she has been on and posting .
    maybe not as much but drops in regulary , but you 9-5 ers dont see what happens in her after hours
  15. Not sure I want to after reading that...
  16. No trouble it is ;)

    Es is working full time now, so she doesn't access Netrider as much.

    Just to show you all care, let's spam her with PM's titled sorry to hear you're leaving netrider just to freak her out :LOL:
  17. But does she know that she is being watched by Groberts after hours?
  18. Would you like to buy a 'E' Glen? :p

    Damn that Freud guy :LOL:

  19. ooops , my appoligies to eswin for the mistype :shock: :LOL: