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where does your speedo get measured from?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by GOOSH, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. hey guys, just wondering where does ur speed get measured from, ur front wheel or the back wheel.

    as today was a crappy sought of day, decided to use of my skills that i learnt from the maintenance class got to work on my hyosung. when i had the back wheels off the ground, i wanted to see what speed i can get. the bad this was it wasnt the back wheel for where the speedo works. and the same for my kawasaki.

    so my question to you, what wheel does your speedo work from front or back?

  2. You've just answered your own question. :wink: :)
  3. i just want to know where peoples bike speed is measured from, not where mine is
  4. depends on what bike mate. older bikes, and lower powered bikes use a mechanical speedo that usually reads off the front wheel and a cable goes straight into the back of your clocks. most of the newer bikes have a digital arrangement where theres a thing on the front sprocket and a sensor on the sprocket cover that sends info to the speedo. i dont think ive seen one drive off the back wheel though :?
  5. The Hornet has a spur gear off the side of the gearbox, driving a traditional-type cable speedo. On the way to the Netrider BBQ last year the speedo failed, but the nice people at Mick Hone Honda at Bega put a shim around the drive mechanism and it's still going strong!!
  6. My ZXR250 reads via a tradition cable fed from the front wheel.

    My GSXR600 reads via a sensor on the front sprocket.

    I prefer the front wheel method, as you can change your gearing and the speedo will still read correctly*

    * meaning it wont be more enthusiastic than it already is
  7. speed cameras :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  8. Dude -I would be real carefull about seeing what speed you can get with the bike up on a stand. Only takes one little bump with your bike pulling redline in top gear & you will be searching for it in the neighbours living room across your street :shock: :shock:
  9. Also the speedo reading is worthless without some sort of load.
  10. Triumph tt600's daytona 600's and 650's all take the speed readting form an induction type rpm meter on the front wheel. This saves the "oops i changed my sprockets and i've stuffed my speedo" excuse... The major problem is the two left handed trainee stuffing the reading unit while changing the front wheel... and triumph claiming its a wear item... you can hear the agument cant you... A WEAR ITEM... an air gap and a magent with a coil???? AIR GAP!!!!! NO CONTACT!!! $200 to fix... :(
  11. CBR900RRW reads off a sensor in the top of the gearbox.

  12. definitely not the front wheel for me :wink:
  13. Sprocket I think... which is why gearing changes would put my speedo & odo out without correcting it somehow. :(