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Where does one go for late night, all hours emergency motorbike bits and pieces?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ad91on, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. As per title.

    Reason i ask is I always do my work at night and always need to duck out for something but Woolies only has fruit and candy and the servos only sell ockey straps and p-plates. Not much good when I need fuses (servo doesn't have them, since when!) to get to work the next day or a new air filter cause i pulled mine out and lost it etc etc.

    Any hints?
  2. Buy them earlier than you need them so you have spares in the shed when its time :p
  3. Yeah but that's too logical, too clever, altogether too coordinated.

    What kind of intelligent freak would do that :p
  4. A man with a shed.....:angel:
  5. a 24 hour kmart would have fuses/globes etc...anything more than that you are probably screwed.
  6. Yah... book a rostered day off and do your work during the day when the shops are open!
  7. Ive thought this before too....
  8. Fuses are cheap & your bike doesn't have that many, might be a good idea to stock up on them. Globes are another handy one.

    Of course, both are usually available at a service station (service, as opposed to petrol station)

    Air filter will be no suprise when it needs replacing, get organised man!
  9. Um if your bike is off the road what use is finding a place you can buy shit at anyway?

    EDIT: of course I am assuming that the bike is your sole method of transport, like any real man
  10. Is this a real question...
    If you need actual bike parts relevant to your specific bike, then you need a dealer!
    Believe it or not, dealers and their employees, need sleep.
    Work around it!
  11. NO DAMNIT! Don't they know their whole life is there purely to serve me!??!?!?!?

    Well, between the 2 motorbikes, pushbike, legs and cage, i usually have something working if i'm lucky. Sorry I'm not man enough to just have a motorbike :p
  12. My personal philosophy is to buy in bulk for everything. Fuses, oil/air/fuel filters, oil, coolant mix, WD40, duct tape, zip ties and carbie cleaner should be bought by the truckload. After all general tools and supplies you will use over time and model specific parts you will use eventually.

    Another not so healthy habit is not throwing away broken or worn parts. when something goes bang ive got bits and pieces to make temp parts.

    As a bit of a rev head and having 4 bikes and six cars in the house (between all the room mates theres something that can be knocked up on the spot 9 times out of 10 if your desperate.
  13. He should just ride past your place when he needs something!! :)
  14. I think that's what i'll be doing from now on. Brisbane's not that far away, really...
  15. Sorry, hit wrong button. See below. :)
  16. LOL...oh, ok then! Shish. :)
  17. In this age of self-service? :rofl:
  18. The standard marriage vow now has a 'no-shed' clause in it.:wink:

    Hence the need for this thread.

    Maybe OP needs to find somewhere like this?
  19. Just break into a wrecker's :p