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Where does it go???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by matt232, Jul 17, 2005.

  1. I'm baffled, and I know others are just as puzzled.

    It can't just be the volume of air bubbles created while fillling. Nor can it possibly be evaporating that fast, nor is the fuel going out an overflow outlet.

    Yet when you fill your tank to very top of the rim of the tank the fuel level drops back down below the rim. I've stood there for a good five minutes repeatedly filling and watching the level drop down again. So where does all the fuel go?

    Do we all have Tardis tanks? Well, everyone, except Sobil.
  2. Empties in how long???? :-s
    Are you checking it when you get home from the servo, after a ride, waiting 6 months while it sits in the shed, or simply watching it disappear before your very eyes :?:
  3. I'm fcuking lost !!
    what the helll are you talking about matt? :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
  4. I too am confused (and intrigued) by this post. Can you give us some more info Matt? or is there anyone else who can explain?
  5. Looks to me like you sniffed it up, thats why you wrote your question like that :D
  6. Surprisingly, I understand the question, I just don't know wnat the answer is. When you're filling your tank at the servo, it doesn't seem to matter how slowly and carefully you fill, as soon as you stop pouring, the level in the tank goes down. It doesn't seem to be possible to completely fill the tank, no matter how long you wait. Weird.
  7. Not with mine! Damn it, I probably have faulty fuel tank :)

  8. Sorry I've only managed to get about 3 hours sleep since the icicle ride, brain is pretty fried. But RC has pretty much sumed it up. The fuel level drops a few centimetres in the seconds after filling it up to the rim of the tank, and will repeatedly drop down if you fill it again.

    So where does it all go?
  9. So what you are saying is that you can fit 200 litres of petrol in your tank if you have 2 spare hours at the servo so you can pour it in reeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly slowly. Geez I wish I had tank like yours. Seems to strange to me mate.
  10. here are some options .

    1. some bikes have overflows and its going on the servo floor.

    2. top feeding tanks , bubble increase volume and when stopped bubbles settle given accurate volume

    3. change in temp from tank (underground) to the tank on the bike .

    4. optical illussion through vapours

    5. petrol fairys take it .
  11. I vote for #5
  12. just thought of another

    breather pipes cant keep up with air leaving tank , so when you stop filling at such as fast rate breather pipe catchs up and expels the air and volume drops .
  13. same here......or the motorbike equivalent to having hollow legs.
  14. What you're talking about is turbulance. The fuel going in also takes air with it and that causes bubbles to pop and create a whole lot of action inside the tank which will confuse the release on the pump tap. The main problem is however, that the downforce of fuel going into the tank causes the fuel already indinde to rise. When you let go of the tap, the pressure reduces and everything settles. Try using the tap gently. Remember It's not you dick, so you only have to squeze lightly. :LOL: If the fuel goes in slowly then the pressue will be unnoticable.

    Try experimenting with a bucket and a hose on full pelt. What happens when you try to fill up the bucket?
  15. I normally end up pssing all over my shoes :wink: :LOL:

    Now try filling it with the garden hose, or at least taking a firm grip. A decent beer based power piss can be tricky for a begginer to handle! :LOL:
  17. Believe me the fuel can't trickle out of the bowser any slower and the knozzle is resting just at the rim. And what I'm seeing is the level returning to where it was before each attempt to bring the fuel to the very brim. At some stage the tank has to start showing signs of filling.

    Sure the effect is more pronounced at the tank rim due to a wider diameter coming into much smaller diameter. But come on, it should be making SOME progress after standing there for 5 minutes repeating the process.

    Take a couple of seconds next time you are filling up and see what I mean.........there are supernatural forces at play here I tells ya!!!!! Ghosts, UFOs pfftt. This is where the real spooky stuff is happening.
  18. Even when you do it as slowly as possible, the fuel comes at a fair pressure, so you may never be able to actually fill it. Then again, a couple of blokes on CBR250's stopped in front of my place a few weeks ago with petrol draining out the overfow on one bike at a hell of a rate. Had to give em a heater hose to syphon it with, so mabe he tried hard enough to fill the tank, only to reget it. :?
  19. Matt , i think you have a big problem with your tank . Can i suggest you take it to Peter Stevens for their expert opinion.