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Where does Australia Post get gear for its riders?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by CrazyCam, Mar 1, 2014.

  1. Subject more or less sez it all.

    Does anyone know?

    Can the general hoipoloi buy the same stuff?

  2. The new stuff is dri rider, at least the jacket and pants are. Not sure about gloves and boots, will find out.
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    Thanks for that, Pugsly.

    No panic about the boots and gloves, it was the yellow stuff I am interested in.

    It would seem that the Ozzie Post stuff is only sold to Ozzie Post. :(

    I can't find any trace of the seriously yellow stuff for sale to us plebs.
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  4. The boots are Rossi. Similar to 814s but have the zip on the outside.
  5. Consider the following:
    1. You buy an old postie bike.
    2. You buy postie gear.
    3. You impersonate AusPost.

    A fair bit can go wrong and its probably the main reason why AusPost doesn't want to sell its gear to anyone.
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  6. Aye, I hadn't realised that that Hi-Vis, or even just YELLOW rain gear was such a strategic and security related product until I tried to buy a pair of rain pants from the US.


    Everything was sweet until it came to actually completing the order when a wee message pops up telling me that these pants can't be sent to Australia. :(

    Shortly after the extinction of the dinosaurs, I bought some rain gear, a DriRider jacket and pants, in yellow.

    They rolled up quite neatly, could be easily stored on any of my bikes, and were actually water proof.

    Over the ensuing years, they have become quite dirty, and I'd like a spare set or two so I don't have to keep moving the one set from bike to bike, but, it appears that I am asking for the impossible.

    I contacted DriRider's Australian dealers, and they told me they no longer even make the yellow water proofs, only black ones.

    Now, I can appreciate, in the right weather conditions, riding a motorbike while dressed in black can be a good look, but, in the reduced visibility associated with pissing it down rain, I really like something a wee bit more visible.

    I have to admit that going around impersonating a postie hadn't actually occurred to me, but now it has been mentioned, I am still trying to figure out how, should I be able to do it, it would either profit me, or give me pleasure.

    I can understand the folk that work on the police look alike business on a big white motorbike, but a postie. (No offence meant to any posties.)
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  8. Hi ParkerMax.

    Might be worth a try, thanks.

    In the past I have tried the "workie" water proofs, but they usually blew apart fairly quickly as they didn't seem to be built all that strong.
  9. If you find a good solution please do share as I'm after the same thing!
    I'm currently planning what ParkerMax linked to, I just need to go into a store in gear so I can try it on over my gear.
  10. Really? That sounds shite!
  11. To be fair, it was over twenty years ago that the workie type water proofs blew apart, and, back then I was probably riding a lot faster...... back then I had the 750 Turbo Kwaka.

    Maybe, with more modern stuff, you get a better result?
  12. I did talk to the sourcing guys and I think they said something about dri rider making the hi-viz gear available to the public if there was sufficient interest. I am getting the same results in a better way though; I use a Revit Airwave 2, and have the matching high viz yellow rain coat. It goes over the top instead of under which is so much more sensible, and when not in use it rolls up really small and goes in my bag.
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  13. Thanks rcheli32, I'll try again contacting the Ozzie DriRider folk.

    BTW, I looked at the Revit jacket, but where did you get the high vis yellow rain coat?

    Is that part of the deal with the jacket?
  14. It's a matching jacket from Revit. So I bought them both in the same order, knowing they are sized to match. The Revit over jacket is made with very fine coating on the lining to ensure it slides on easily etc.
  15. The postie jacket and pants is a custom Hi-viz Drider Vortex 2 design.
    Excellent quality and $700 worth - they got it right this time! :)

    Almost feels like overkill to use adventure gear like this, but after 5 hours in the rain... we understood why.
  16. Just a pity they don't want to sell the kit to non-posties. >:O
  17. I have a yellow Rainbird jacket that I put on over my gear. I also have black Rainbird pants for the bottom half. You can get Rainbird wets from Aussie Disposals or Snowgum.
  18. Try some of the fishing stores. They used to sell the yellow rain gear for boaties and rock fisher people. Haven't been fishing for a while so not up with the latest.
  19. Um Aus post wet gear isn't dry rider stuff.
    It's called Mountain designs, it's an Aussie company that's been around since 1975. I'm sitting here looking at 3 sets of them dating back bout ten years and all are Mountain designs.
    They stop a bit of wind, no rain and are as hot as shit in the heat.
    The boots are Sidi and half gloves are Woodstocks. Oh and Aus post are charged $320 for the wets, so they are not cheap or worth it.
    If it's showering but not cold I wear a rashy under my shirt. If it's pissing down and cold I wear a wet suit under my gear... springy.. short arms and legs.

    If you go to a good work apparel store you should get a really decent set of wets for around $120. If you buy stuff associated with bikes you will pay at least 25% more than the same product.
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  20. Tiger Angel make their Element jacket in hi-vis. AFAIK they are what the police riders wear when they wear hi-vis.