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Where do you sit? (general)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jdkarmch, Dec 6, 2008.

  1. From my observations I would say that most of us dress appropriately - that is - if you a sports bike ride (especially) by what I see around the place. But, I have noticed a lot of riders on short commutes riding with almost nothing on.....

    If you are a protective clothing supplier - contact us here
  2. I'm all for encouraging people to gear up but I'd resist any move to legislate mandatory gear beyond skid lids.
  3. id go for gloves and lids. We do so much with our hands.
  4. Same

    Wouldn't gear then have to pass a "Standard" and thereby increase the cost?

    JD - do any other countries have compulsory skin cover up legislation whilst riding??
  5. And I can assure you, and everyone for that matter, that MRA(Vic) is and will resist any legislation that mandate's protective clothing other than helmets (which is already in place).

    What we believe is that riders should be given the right information - and that we be left encourage each other "to wear the right stuff".

    Its our image - its up to us all to make sure that we don't leave any doors open to the "forces of mandatory evil"......
  6. It would have to be so hot i physially could not put a jacket on.
    But i would always wear long pants, gloves, boots and my helmet.

    I dont understand why people wear shorts and tshirt and shongs, if you come off then i would hate to see the aftermath.
  7. A Star Rating system gives you the consumer an idea as to "protective Rating".

    Its up to you to decide what and how much you pay - as this doesn't necessarily take cheaper stuff off the market.

    Who knows - there may be some expensive stuff out there now - which won't rate high stars.....

    It would be good to know - its your skin.....
  8. Not everyone is an accident waiting to happen :wink:
  9. Funny this is posted now. Yesterday was hot in Melbourne, I was out riding. I am an ATGATT person. I was sweating, but atleast safe.

    I look in the mirrors and a little red Vespa with a 50 something guy riding it is slipping in and out of traffic. Next lights, we are next to each other and all I did was shake my head.
    Shorts, t-shirt, sandles and Helmet was what his safety gear consisted of.

    I wonder if they realise that coming off a scooter at 80 kms is very similar to that of a motorcycle?
  10. Which is a great start, but I think we could possibly go one step further. A star rating will give you an overview of the product, but a safety review would be able to analyse individual componenets of the product. So pants that have high abrasion resistance but low impact protection could be rated with an explantion as to how they were rated.
  11. A star system or something similar is only going to add to the cost of production for manufacturers, so you've got an uphill battle.

    As far as hot weather goes, you full of shit if you think there is nothing out there that provides protection and can keep you relatively cool at the same time. There are plenty of jackets with removal liners that allow the wind to flow straight through, coupled with a wet cloth around your neck there is no need to break a sweat. Kevlar jeans are also nice and cool and something like 50/50 boots do the job.
  12. +1 Exactly my summer attire! lol
    50/50's, hornees, R-jays summer jacket and back protector.
  13. And just who the hell are you, His Mum?
  14. Because I ride around town on my pushy at the same speeds only wearing a layer of lycra, so what's the difference?

  15. That's the issue for (some/most) of these people with the lack of gear. They think they "only" ride at around 50-60km/h around town "at most" and think coming off at that speed won't do much.. That's if they even think about any aftermath of coming off??

    I know I like to wear protective gear lots but after washing the bike, I like to let it dry for a little and take it for a spin around the block to get the water out of the bike as much as possible so nno stagnant water is sitting in various spots.

    I wash the bike on warm/hot days mostly and really cbf wearing gear after washing the bike, I'm hot/sweaty'ish as it is and jump on the bike for less than 5 minutes. I guess people shake their heads seeing me in shorts or whatever taking the bike for a literal ride around the block.

    As it usually ends up with these posts, Each to their own. It's hard to convince people to do something like wear or not wear gear when they have their mind already set. it is good to help people to decide to liken wearing protective gear BEFORE they become "a rider". It's same as trying to stop people having faith in their religion or vice versa, to have faith in religion when they haven't for many years/decades ;)
  16. Would you like to suckle on my nips aswell?
  17. One slide down the road and you'll be wishing you had more than shorts on.....
    Have any of you had the misfortune to suffer gravel rash? I'll tell you now, it's bloody painful! :shock:
  18. helmets are fine to legalise because the designs are so similar, but on the other hand how to classify all the other motorcycle gear?

    if the aim is to protect your skin i have a bunch of items which would do a similar job. eg i have work gloves that have tougher leather than my motorcycle gloves, but if wearing motorcycle gloves was the law id probably cop a fine for it.

    just leave it up to people to figure out what they want to wear. surprisingly several non-riding friends were totally oblivious to the dangers of falling off, but ive never met another rider who didnt know. how can you go through your license training, and socialise with other riders and never know of the dangers?
  19. (undii) I wash the bike on warm/hot days mostly and really cbf wearing gear after washing the bike, I'm hot/sweaty'ish as it is and jump on the bike for less than 5 minutes. I guess people shake their heads seeing me in shorts or whatever taking the bike for a literal ride around the block.

    Yeah they shake there heads in disbelief when there looking at ya ugly fugly tattooed legs :LOL: Lucky the cant see whats under the helmet :shock:
  20. By all means, pass on information to riders about the availability of various protective gear out there but I do not see that a star rating system would be practicable.

    Firstly, a testing regime would need to be established. Then everything out there on the market would have to be tested and the results published. The testing regime would have to be forwarded to manufacturers as well.

    Much better just accepting the current CE standard and then extoll the pros and cons of generic protective gear, such as leathers vs. textiles etc.

    I have spoken with Shaun Lennard and VMAC about a scheme regarding protective gear and 3rd party injury insurance. If the plan gets up it would be beneficial for those of us who choose to wear gear and those that do not would not be disadvantaged. Trick is convincing the govt that it'll be beneficial to them too.