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Where do you shop online??

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by GSXR750White, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. Where do you guys normally shop online?

    Any recommended websites and for what sort of products?

    This is one I know for gears, sportbiketrackgear.com

    Would be interesting to know where you shop, and share your wise knowledge and experience with others.
  2. I use Sportbiketrackgear as well, first time was good brought Sidi Vertigo boots and a aftermarket visor, saved about $200 (including P&H) as opposed to buying here in Australia.

    Second time I shopped at STG was a bit more troublesome, they had the GoPro on sale for $220 but it was on backorder and waited I think like 2 months for it but eventually got it.
  3. Riders Discount is pretty popular. A lot of guys from here have used it.
  4. I don't shop on line as a rule.

    After having spent 6 months where the nearest bike shop was 1.5 hours away, I figured the more support I give my local shop the better chance I have of having somewhere to get my bike fixed without having to take half a day of work.
  5. Kneedraggers.com
  6. RMATV
    Moto Mummy
    Jake Wilson
  7. I want Harley Davidson jackets from US coz they are over-priced in Aus..

    ne suggestions?
  8. Yep.

    Sell it and get a proper bike. :-s
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  9. Yawwwn!!:blah::blah:
  10. I've bought a bit off Revzilla - always been quick and easy to deal with.

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  11. Have always found Rocky Mountain ATV excellent. Super fast postage too.
  12. SBTG are excellent
  13. I've looked through most of these sites and the prices of leathers are pretty much the same as they are here, anyone know a good site for them overseas?
  14. What brands are you considering?
  15. Tbh I'm not entirely sure, I'm planning on getting a one piece (dunno of thats a bit much cause im on my p's) but plan on doing track days in the very near future. I was looking at alpinestars they've got a pretty good range and i only wanna spend around 1k~ 1.3k max : / any suggestions?
  16. Berik are good for that price range.. Get a two piece if you plan on riding on the street more than on the track, much much more practical.

    I think ozmotorcycleleathers start at about $1400 or so, worth looking into them at least. Very high quality suits and will fit you perfectly as they're tailor made
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  17. We've got Gimoto suits from $1000 to $2500.

    But yep, Berik are pretty good bang for buck. We do the warranty repairs for Ficeda (Berik importers) so we know the range pretty well.
  18. Yeah I've got a Berik jacket at the moment it's good quality! I'll suss out their 2 piece suits as well as alipnestars when i get into a shop, cheers guys!
  19. Have you looked at RS Taichi stuff? Good quality stuff - see the SBTG site for video reviews.