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Where do you report road hazards?

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by Slider, Jul 20, 2006.

  1. Hi guys,

    Q. Is there a website to report hazards or must you simply contact the relevant council direct?

  2. chuck it in your mobile dudes.

  3. 131170
    VIC ROADS hazard reporting line.
  4. we wre making a sticky with all these numbers, but we found that the 30day pruning on this forum kept deleting it. I'll make it a Poll instead with no voting allowed - those seem to stick around.
  5. I was speaking to Russell Coffey, the manager of the reporting unit a couple of days ago about this. They will be doing a web based reporting system but not yet.

    You can report all hazards through the 131170 number - you don't need to worry whether it's council or VicRoads responsibility. You can also ask for them to get back to you about what action they've taken.
  6. Unless they have changed something in the last month that is completely false.....if its not a Vicroads road then they give you a name and phone number (which so far in my experience has been 100% wrong) at the shire/council in question and get you the chase it up from there.

    But with all the city issues I've cited on that line has been dealt with quite nicely, 1 country one in vicroads juristiction had good progress but could have been better, just the two country ones the ball has been dropped both by the vicorads and then shire and never picked up again no matter how much noise you make.
  7. Russell Coffey confirmed it for me...

    quote from his email

  8. I emailed first then rang the 131170 number.

    After hanging on for about 2 minutes a bloke answered and was helpful.

    We located the problem spot. I had a Vic roads book and so did he. He said he was going to dispatch someone immediately to have a look if it had been cleaned up.

    The only gripe I could have is that there was no way to make a complaint via him about the gravel being on the road in the first place without signage.
    I made sure I made a noise about it in the email, reminding them that there was an accident nearby for similar reasons. What becomes of that I don't know.

    Looks like the road crews will not learn. I cannot imagine anyone putting loose gravel onto a bitumen road and leaving it there. They obviously cannot think for themselves. They were sealing the shoulders and put gravel over the whole corner and did not sweep it. Just left it. If I had had a camera I would have taken a pic. There was a cop nearby but I don't know if I should have stopped (double lines and all that) and talked to the cop. Maybe I should have, perhaps???

    Just hope it is cleaned up for the weekend.
  9. We did have a form that people would just fill out and it would email pricktoads the details.

    I think we'll have to get it reinstated.
  10. I've been making some calls about this topic during lunch breaks. Got this one recently:

    South Australia
    Road Hazards & Signal Faults
    1800 018 313 (freecall)
  11. Western Australia (Main Roads Department)
    Emergencies & Traffic Faults
    1800 800 009
  12. Queensland
    RACQ’s Traffic and Safety Department
    (07) 3666 9735

    Can't seem to find any listing for a government body, but this one was easy to get. They want all manner of hazards reported in, so might as well use the service.
  13. New South Wales
    Freeways, Motorways, National & State Highways (RTA)
    131 700

    Local/Regionals seem to be the problem of their own councils, making a centralized reporting number impossible to track down. I DID get this:


    for a "safety feedback" contact. Probably not much of a reporting system in general but you never know.

    If they're serious about local councils for each road hazard, then you can get a suburb listing here, but I can't obviously list all the various possible numbers.
  14. Victoria
    VicRoads Hazard Reporting Hotline
    131 170

    Yes, previously stated by many people here.
  15. In QUEENSLAND - call 13 19 40

    you get traffic updates and can call in any hazzards - they contact Main Roads or the local Council to get it cleared up.

    And for live road reports before you leave home try

  16. Just found out that any road damage directly touching tram lines is not the responsibility of Vicroads.

    Yarra Trams road hazards - 1800 800 166