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Where do you put your left foot?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by demuire, Jan 22, 2006.

  1. Took the SV out to Pine Mountain for a little bit today to get a bit more used to the bike, and was trying out shifting my weight around and putting pressure on the outside peg and shifting in the seat as I took corners... I usually have the toes on my left foot under the gear lever (from habit from the Virago).

    Anyway, came into one corner a bit too fast in 4th gear, saw some gravel in the middle of the road and panicked a little and for some reason the bike went out of gear (between gears???). My best guess would be that in my moment of panic the pressure of my toes on the lever kicked it out of gear? Anyway, made it through the corner (albeit a little wide), straightened the bike up and shifted it into 4th (or maybe it was 5th) gear and went on.

    For the rest of the ride, I was trying to stick my toes outwards a little so that it isn't over or under the gear lever, and this seemed to work. And then move my foot appropriately if I want to change gears. The only downside I can see is that my toes would be the first thing to contact the ground if I leaned over too much, instead of the peg?

    Any tips?
  2. Just put either ur toes or the ball of your feet on the peg.
    Move your foot up to the gear lever when you want to change gears.
    What part of your foot is on the peg at the moment?
    Don't you find that your foot always scrapes teh ground as you currently are?
  3. Well I haven't scraped the pegs yet, so I have no idea what would scrape the ground at the moment. Although thinking about it now you're probably right, if I had my toes under the gear lever my foot would probably scrape before the peg.

    At the moment I have the heel of my feet on the pegs.
  4. best piece of advice I ever got. "Ignore what the stayupright folks say, put the ball of your foot on the peg."

    Putting your heels on the pegs is plain wrong, at the very least when cruising it can be the middle of your foot, but getting into the habit on standing on the balls of your feet is a good idea.
  5. I put the ball of my feet on the pegs, and move my feet forward as I need to brake or shift gears. It's easier to weight to pegs with the ball of your foot.
  6. Ideally you should ride with the balls of your feet on both pegs and then move your feet to brake or change gear as required. You should not leave your toes under or near levers. Not only will you be better balanced on the bike with the balls of your feet on the pegs and better able to move your bottom, but your feet will not be in danger of scraping, nor in danger of getting caught underneath the lever should something untoward occur - ie an accident - not that you are planning to have one! I remember seeing pictures of injuries to riders feet from accidents involving leaving their toes underneath gear levers and the foot got bent back - the wrong way. The inside of your foot has lots and lots of little bones and these pictures put me in mind of a bowl of spaghetti bolognese! It was quite horrid! It might take a little while to get used to but when you are accustomed to riding with the balls of your feet on the pegs it feels wrong to do it any other way.
  7. So balls on both feet, and move feet to brake or change gears? I would imagine you wouldn't do this around town (ie, low speed constant shifting and braking)?

    Shall try this next time I go out.
  8. Yes, yes you do it everywhere, make it a habit and then it won't take any thinking about - it will be automatic and you will just do it - just stick with it. Like everything new and especially with riding it takes a little time for these things to come naturally but you will feel an improvement - it will be worth to do.
  9. same. i tend to ride with the arch of my foot on the pegs and move them as needed.. but i have a knee problem so for me to ride with my toes on the pegs i might get a little too cramped.. will give it a go.
  10. i ride with my heels resting against the heel plates which leaves the balls of my feet on the pegs.. Try to break that habit, the only time i have my feet forward a little is when lane splitting, especially the brake foot..
  11. You're supposed to put it over your license plate. ;)

    Now that I've bought a pair of proper riding boots, I find my left foot is too big to operate the gear shifter. I think once you get up to a size 12 or over it must become a problem. I guess I just have to get used to it and wait for the boots to be worn in.
  12. Demuire i ride with the left foot beside the gear lever and the peg 1/2 way between the ball and heel of the boot. Once i am in the hills, or freeway etc, i move onto the balls. I find it annoying to be moving to foot foward and backk all the time on the street in traffic.
  13. Ya Put Ya Left Foot In

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    And Shake It All About

    You Do the Hokey Pokey and Turn Around

    Thats What Its All About

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  14. I wear a size 12 boot and i don't/didn't have a problem with my boots even when they were brand new.
  15. I have size 6 feet... :p
  16. I'm an arch or ball... depending on circumstances, length of ride, blood flow to feet... but always have the toes hovering at lever level or above.

    This makes sense to me as it keeps toes further away from the road surface/road debris.


  17. Sorry to disagree with all the 'balls of the feet' doctrine, but if you take ten minutes and adjust the brake and shifter correctly, as ALL bikes will allow you to do, you can ride with the arch of your foot on the peg, as the manufacturers expect you too, and be instantly ready to change gear or brake WITHOUT HAVING TO MOVE YOUR FOOT one milimetre.

    I've been doing this with every bike I've owned and never had a situation where my foot was in the wrong position or not ready to brake or change gear in an instant...
  18. hornet600: would you have your left foot above or below the gear lever? I would assume over?
  19. Hornet600.

    Rear brake? Who uses that when moving anyway?

    Middle of feet on pegs? Would not want the left foot ever stuck below the gear lever when cornering.
  20. I found with my new boots, for the fist few rides there were a bit stiff, but are fine now. Fook, make sure you adjust the height to suit, you foot and leg posistion. mine where way to low, and the brake is still a bit low, but i find now my right foot hangs about 3mm above the lever, so thats fine.