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Where do you put your jacket, helmet?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RedWings01, Jan 9, 2016.

  1. Hey guys,

    I'm wondering where most of you guys keep your protective gear when you have a quick commute to the shops etc. I don't have access to anything at my location to store my jacket and helmet so I'll have to leave it on the bike. How should I do that? I guess a helmet bag should keep all the spiders and rain off it but how can I leave the jacket? It has back protection, shoulder and elbow so folding it is pretty much impossible. Don't want to remove protection every time I leave my bike. Any ideas?

  2. Strangely enough I saw a motorbike jacket on a parked bike in the city yesterday, it had a chain or cable going through both arms so it looked like it was hanging on to the bike.
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  3. Yeah, was thinking about buying a cable lock and attaching it to the bike but If it rains I'm not too fond of wearing a wet jacket back.
  4. Many dealers sell cables that you can thread through an arm of the jacket. You can also but locks to lock your helmet onto the bike
  5. My previous bike had a helmet lock so that was easy.. I don't see the need to take the jacket off.

    The existing bike doesn't have a helmet lock so the helmet goes with me.
  6. If you head to the shops for a few hours or so you would just wear your jacket with you? Seems a bit uncomfortable.
  7. True. In winters it's not a problem but in summers, I tend to fold it and carry it with me. A bit tricky at times but well...manageable.
  8. I take it all with me. I wear my jacket, or tuck it under my arm if it's hot. I carry my gloves inside my helmet. Lots of people chain their helmets to the bike, but I can't bring myself to do this. If someone knocks the bike over accidentally, I won't risk potential damage to my helmet. Such is the life of a rider I guess and I'm just used to it now.
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  9. Gloves inside the helmet, helmet straight into the helmet bag and generally I just wear the jacket if there is air conditioning in the shops or carefully fold it and put in my backpack - taking it out and putting it back on when I need to put my groceries in it and ride home. If the shops are only 5 minutes up the road and its really hot; sometimes fools gear. :3:3
  10. What the hell are you doing walking around the shops for a few hours?

    Anyway, to the question. If I'm going to the shops, helmet and gloves in the topbox, jacket over arm if it's hot. At worst I'm at the shops for 15 mins, hardly ironman stuff to carry a jacket for that time.

    If I'm going out, I just put the jacket on my chair. If I'm having more than 1 drink or at a stand up venue, I don't ride. Usually I don't ride the motorcycle when going out with friends anyway.
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  11. Lol, what I meant was going out to the movies, having a meal etc where you would possibly park your bike for a few hours. I didn't mean shops like woolworths or something lol. Problem with my jacket is that there is a back protector and It's nearly impossible to fold up and too hard to take with. Too much of a trek to take out all the protective pads everytime.

    What I was thinking was purchasing one of these to lock my helmet
    And one of these to run through my jacket arm sleeve.
    At least It will help stop thieves from taking stuff easily. If it rains, well too bad. Good thing that its mostly sunny in Sydney and I can do this most days without having any issues.
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  12. Not sure about this.

    Locks and cables are worthwhile investments anyway.
  13. Cinemas are mostly in shopping centres these days and they all seem to have multi-storey carparks. Parking undercover/out of the weather is rarely an issue.

    Before I had a lockable topbox, I uses one of those Helmetloks. Never had an issue. I see plenty of bikes with jackets cabled to them, again, no worries.

    Uncle Greg, taking the bike to the shops/cinema means free parking. You can relax while watching the movie and maybe even linger to have some cake. :D Many shopping centres also have some very handy motorcycle specific parking.

    Where I would be worried RedWings, is University carparks. The number of stories I've heard of bikes and cars getting damaged etc from those places is frightening.
  14. I usually leave my jacket/vest on, and if I'm wearing gloves will tuck them into the saddlebag or helmet if I'm taking them with me, and carry my helmet. Not a fan of leaving shit where people can just take it, and most of the time accept that sometimes riding a bike is inconvenient and carrying your gear is just one of those things that goes hand in hand with riding
  15. After having two helmets stolen off my old ZZR a few years ago (they ripped off the straps to get them off the locks rendering the helmets useless) at a shopping centre whilst we were inside watching a movie, I'm very weary about my gear. I stick my helmet in my topbox and carry my jacket with me usually. If I'm sitting where I can see the bike I'll just leave the gear on the bike. The helmet and jacket locks are good ideas too, though like I said, I'm always a bit weary of people being douchebags.
  16. Why don't you do what a 'real' biker would do & wear a vest? Ones with the lacing down the sides allow for cool air too! :cool:
  17. Usually fold the jacket under my arm, gloves go in helmet, and helmet clips onto bag - ogio no drag Mach 3. It was a worthwhile investment, looks cool and got it on sale on tornado.com.
  18. Top box. They look uncool, but the practicality for regular commuting etc can't be understated.

    Helmet and gloves go in, my jacket I just tend to wear or carry if it's getting too hot.
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  19. I agree, top box is the way to go. My Givi 55 will take a full face helmet, gloves and jacket and takes 2 seconds to remove, when you don't need it.
  20. I have one of these, though the wire is a coily one. I can't say I have ever left my jacket on the bike but If I was to be spending some time in the shops I would