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Where do you leave your leather motorcycle jacket?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by glowstix047, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, I was just wondering where do you guys leave your leather motorcycle jackets when you're out and about and away from your bike? do you wear it on your back? lock it to your bike? if so how? or whatever else you guys do.

    The reason I'm asking you guys is cause I'm a student at UNSW and before i bought the leather jacket, I would lock my relatively inexpensive mesh jacket to my bike and not worry about it the whole day as i travel up and down the campus. But now with a $500 leather jacket, I don't feel as comfortable locking it up on the bike and it is a bit heavy to carry around especially with the stairs at UNSW.

    So guys, what do you do?
  2. There is no way I would leave an expensive piece of safety equipment like a jacket or helmet with my bike, locked or not.
    The easiest way to carry a jacket around is to wear it and take it off when you get where you're going.
    Heavy? Stairs? Harden up.
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  3. I'm with ^im; If I can't lock up my safety gear somewhere, I take it with me, and I never let it out of my sight.
  4. Indeed, well said.

    Just take the thing everywhere you go, I always do.
  5. nar farkit, leave the jacket and helmet with the bike then the thievse will have a safe trip home on your bike they just stole!!
    in other words, as above!!
    take the goodies with you..
  6. +1, take it with you. And plan accordingly with your classes were to park, heaps of options in both the lower and upper campus.
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    Yes. Kudos to the one who said Harden up.

    You will get used to carrying it around... :cool:
  8. Seeing as it's uni, can you get a locker?
  9. My Jacket goes with me. Even on 40 deg days! :)
  10. wow kids sure have it hard these days.
    having to carry their own jackets.

    what are you a poofta ? HTFU
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  11. Hahaha I haven't hear anyone use poofta in a long time. Anyway your uni should have some full size locker, those should fit your jacket, or just wear it around uni, it's getting cold anyway.
  12. i sometimes have to go to Westfields for work reasons.. i still wear my jacket but lock my helmet to the bike...
  13. I wouldn't leave anything on my bike, locked or not, in a Uni car park. It's a trade off when you're riding (and well worth it from my point of view). I understand what you're saying but there's no easy way around it, you have to wear, or carry, the jacket. I've got one of those retractable lock things, but I wouldn't even use that if I was going to leave the bike - and my jackets aren't leather.
  14. Just be a fucking bad arse and wear the fucking jacket, unless it's one of those gay looking sportsbike riding poofie looking white things, or worse a tassle swinging cruiser style wanne be a Hells Angel type jacket, then yeah hide it in a locker before it ruins your street cred.

    p.s. I run a computer style locking cable through my sleeves and leave it when I really need to, but nothing will stop a determined thief,
  15. This poofta says HTFU they're not that heavy. :p
  16. Carry it or get a top box. They are ugly as hell but if you are commuting then they are dam handy.

    Plus they come off easily when you don't need it.
  17. 8-[8-[
  18. I thought wearing a bike jacket around uni would help with the whole 'bad boy I ride a bike' image thing. Or are the girlies not into that anymore?