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Where do you keep your motorbike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by StringBean, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. In the shed? Inside your home? Outside under a carport? etc etc

  2. Locked garage which is attached to the town house I live in
  3. in my pants

    under the front porch......... its the only vehicle that is under any cover at our house
  4. under a bike cover just like every bike I've had, no garage, just a killer pomeranian lol little farker even annouces me when I try an sneak in, if you want an alarm I suggest one of these yappers!! bark at moving leaves !!
  5. I keep the across on the concrete in the garage.

    For the vfr, i've got a very special old, red ikea rug lain on the garage floor which i keep it on.

    That reminds me, i have to put the across back together...
  6. downstairs in the house. don't even think about coming round to take it!
  7. Locked up underneath the Queenslander house I live in, fully enclosed with concrete floor. I also have a 14x7m shed in the backyard :) Wish I wasn’t just renting, pretty much my dream house.
  8. I use to keep my Virago in the dining room inside my house, until there was a bit of a hissy fit between my gf and I about it. It now stays outside under the bbq area, which is secured with a disc lock, braided cable that runs through the frame and wheels, and I also have a cover over it with padlocks on all gates.
  9. No garage at this house, so I'm sharing a single bay carport with a Mitsubitchy Lancer.

    Its out of the weather and off the grass which is all I really care about.. leaving for work and finding a seat covered in icey cold dew isn't fun.
  10. My bike kicked my car out of the garage.
  11. Haha My bike has almost kicked my car out of my life.
  12. Garage, on a rear stand right in the corner just in case there's no street parking for the missus.
  13. Sitting in my backyard, on concrete by the back door. Unfortunately we don't have a gate or anything, so it's a clear walk down the drive way to it. Luckily there's almost always a car parked at the end so the bike can't get out, but it still worries me. We're going to build a secure bikeport sort of thing on the other side of the house, if we ever get around to it
  14. Unfortunately mine is in a storage shed with my Torana. I have 2 commodores in the shed at my home, a Mitsu Lancer in the driveway and a trailer in the backyard. Im currently getting quotes for an 8 car garage with cat hoist and bike stand. Basically a home workshop hehehehe..... :) I will hopefully upgrade my 1 bike to 2 when that is complete
  15. Mine is under a carport and under a bike cover now, but unfortunately i forgot to put the cover on yesterday, and birds decided the carport was a good shelter from the rain, so now my bike is being kept under a tonne of bird crap the dirty buggers
  16. What bike?
  17. ... I have the 250 and the 600 both in an enclosed, locked car port. Right by a sign I got at Bathurst which states in red writing... "Bike Parking Only". :D

    ... I also have my original L and P plates stuck on the fence next to the bikes...
  18. Currently my bike is parked at work in the secure carpark because I couldn't ride it home with my laptop last Friday when it started raining...poor thing's getting neglected! :(

    Usually though it's in a locked garage...riding with a wet bum from the morning dew doesn't appeal to me.

    Man I would LOVE to have Angie in my pants!
  19. Locked up like Fort Knox in my shed but the 250 is chained to the pergola under a bike cover.
  20. Now is that so you can see if ANGIE looks better in your pants? lol