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Where do you go to change bike tyres?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by rob53, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. This is probably a dumb question, but where do you get bike tyres changed? Is it at the usual tyre places for cars, or at a bike mechanic?


  2. Hi Rob, Most motorcycle stores that have a service department will fit tyres. Some of the tyre franchises have the capability to do bike tyres but make sure they have the necessary equipment, bike wheels can be fragile if not handled correctly. Perhaps some of the Sydneysiders can give you some tips on best places to go.
  3. Speaking of which, im almost up for a new front tyre - where in brisbane is good to go?? Anyone had an experience?
  4. You normally can't go to a normal car shop.

    Where are you located?

    Most motorcycle shops around parramatta can do it, helmet warehouse at Yagoona can do it.

    Take the wheels off yourself to save money.
  5. Great, thanks for the info. I don't have a bike yet :oops: but I am trying to do some research about it. I'm from bankstown, so Yagoona sounds viable, but so is parramatta.
  6. Pro Kawasaki, Pro Honda, or if you're out western suburbs, Two Wheel Tyres at Blacksoil.

    If you're going on a Saturday, I'd book in with the service department at Pro.

    North Side Micks Bike & Car Tyres 0402 678 194
  7. MAW in castle hill

    I also go to another place in homebush.

    Actually I need new tyres...
  8. you don't have a bike yet omg, why are you planning on buying one without tyres :rofl:
  9. I went to MMM motorcycles on Moss street at Springwood last time. Great service. They were about to close and the guy even put his lunch on hold to change over the back tyre.

    Will be going back to them for my services from now on.

    Think the BT45 on the rear of the 250 cost $160 fitted? Can't quite remember.
  10. I speak to mick who is on north side...

    micks bike and car tyres i think its called.. he has a section on qmrf
    Well priced, and great bloke. Takes great care of tyres putting on etc.