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where do you feel safer and more in control

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by countrycruiser V6, Mar 4, 2006.

  1. G'day all, Just wondering wether I'm the oddball here or not. I find I actually feel safer and more in control riding my bike around than I do when driving my car. Probably due to the fact that with a bike you have more room around you to manuvour out of the way of everyone. A lot of the roads up here are quite narrow and when a truck goes past the other way while I'm in my car I have to move over so I run the risk of ending up with one side of the car in the dirt and therefore lose some control of the car, whereas on the bike I can just move over to the left of the lane and leave plenty of room between me and the dirt. I also feel its easier to see whats going on around me.
    anyone else here feel like that???? All thought s welcome.
    Cheers Andrew

  2. I am not sure so much if I feel safer, I definately feel in more control though and feel like the road is mine.
  3. Definately feel safer in a car for obvious reasons..

  4. yes .... youre an oddball..... I love my car as much as my bike & definitely feel safer in the former
  5. Safer in a car.

    But much more bored.
  6. Feel safer in the car, if I had to think about it.

    Definitely feel more in control on the bike, and by that, I mean that I can choose my own direction, and am not forced to wait for traffic and other idiots most of the time where the bike will fit through quite safely.
  7. In bed asleep! :LOL:
  8. yea I guess when I think about it its a feeling of more in control than safer.
  9. Definitely feel safer and more relaxed in the car but that doesn't mean i don't love riding the bike in peak hour traffic it just means i have to be more alert of everthing around me :)
  10. Feeling safe on a bike is not good.....may lead you to letting your guard down.....or feel overconfident

    ....In my opinion :)
  11. Safer in a car, more control on the bike.
  12. Safer in a car, still getting to know my bike and my limits with my bike.
  13. Ive always felt SAFER on my bike, because of the level of control i have over it compared to driving a car at elevated speeds.

    I'm assuming everyone above feels safer from being hit by another vehicle?

  14. I concur with most.
    I feel more in control on the bike than in the car.
    The mere thought of being more in control means you "feel" safer whereas in actuality riding the bike is less safe for obvious reasons.
  15. I have always felt safer on my bike as well.
    This is due to extreme confidence in my own abilities.
    Say whatever you like but if you are not confident then you won't be safe, imo.
    I have never allowed a car to hit me and i never will. They have come frightfully close on some occasions but i always dodged them.
    The crashes i have had were mostly due to a bit of bad luck (like the nail in my front tyre while i was doing 120km/h!! :mad: ) or error on my part.
    For me, riding a bike is like being home. :cool:
  16. Dunno, don't drive a car.
    I would assume people percieve they are safer in a car, though from some of the horrendous car smashes I have come across that's obviously an unwise assumption to make.
  17. Well I'm a shit hot rider and driver but i chose car as safer for obvious reasons too.
  18. I feel safer in the car as the magna is a pretty safe vehicle.. once your in an accident. I feel way more in control and more likely to avoid an accident on the bike. Better visibility, handling, more relative space, usually higher attention being paid are the reasons I think I feel more control on the bike.
  19. i feel safer in my car
    i know it so darned well and it sticks to the road better than most cars do
    1985 ZL fairlane <good strong cars,
    on the bike i seem to gain heightened sensors to everything around me and compensate for the car drivers,that being said as i have drawn on the back of my jacket (with hobbytex )
    '''LADY RIDER '''entwined with a rose
    i dont seem to have a lot of trouble with cars as a rule ,mabe then again it might be my Limited Edition RACV emblem that i have bolted to the back of my gearsack faceing those behind me :rofl:
  20. I definately feel safer in the car, but like others have said already, I feel more in control and more able to avoid situations on the bike.

    Horses for courses really!