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Where do you feel it?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by I Adore Vic, Oct 13, 2006.

  1. These past few weeks I've been riding up and down my little driveway nearly every day, basically just getting used to taking off, finding balance, riding in a straight line without getting the wobbles and braking/stopping and reversing.

    I've really noticed the effect this has had on certain parts of my body - particularly my left arm and my right knee. Not pain...just an awareness that I've put those muscles/areas to work. And why the left arm/right knee? :?: I'm yet to work that one out. :)

    It has me wondering what parts of the body are most affected by riding. I understand that in like anything we do, general fitness plays a role...but for a beginner rider who's hoping to get out there on the main roads real soon, where am I going to feel it?

  2. Wrists / hands, lower back, butt. On sports type bikes that is.

    Arms, Butt, lower back, crusier style.

    All bearable but noticeable.

    For me anyway.

    Cheers, :beer:
  3. The wallet mostly :LOL:

    As said it depends on the style of bike, what are you riding ?
    I don't get any pain or discomfort at all.

    Ahh silly me, I see now its a Virago. Probably writs if you are new to riding and posibly arms and legs if you tense up to much as new riders do. Relax, let it flow, you barely need to hold on after you get some experience, specially on a sit up cruiser.
  4. Your left arm will be because of the clutch. There is a lot of muscle in the wrist and fingers that get used in pulling the clutch in and you feel it up the arm.

    The right knee is probably because you use that one to hold you up when you stop.

    When are you going to bite the bullet and take her out on the street?
  5. Hi Davo...I'm 'riding' a virago. I'm trying to figure out what it is I'm doing that's 'exercising' my left arm and right knee. It could be to do with pulling the clutch in and braking (rear brake of course).
  6. Rosie,

    You might be feeling it in your left arm from squeezing your clutch alot when you ride at slower speeds. Is it your forearm or upper arm? It will take time for your muscles to get used to it. I'm not sure about your knee though. Is it behind the knee, at the front, or in the thigh? Maybe someone else may know what this is from.

    My shoulders gets tight from work and this affects me on longer rides so i've bought some chinese herbal patches to stick on. They smell like deep heat so if any of you get a whiff as you ride past you'll know it's me :grin:

  7. V4...hopefully very very soon. ;)
  8. When are you going to get out onto the street? It's not as scary as you think. Just do the block a few times and build up from that. That's what I did.

  9. I feel it in my fingers
    I feel it in my toes......
  10. Clutch = left arm...makes sense. :)

    It's the actual knee - the front of the knee area. May be from braking.

    Jen, Not happy about going out in the street until I'm happy I know the basics of riding. I don't believe I have a knowledge of the skills required yet...doing Ls tomorrow (really didn't want to mention that here because I'm afraid I'll jinx myself!).
  11. rosie, L's is a piece of cake. well at least i thought so and it wasnt too long ago that i did it...read: 1 week ago.

    this morning's ride i felt it in the left forearm from the clutch and a little bit in the wrists. forearm cause i ride a bike with NO torque and wrists cause its a head down bum up styled sports bike

    im sure ill get used to it sooner or later

  12. Wrists / hands, lower back, butt

  13. Damn! Beat me to it by 15 minutes :grin:

    When I first started riding it was my hands.

    You don't realise sometimes how tight you are holding on until you try to relax your fingers a bit.
  14. I feel it through the third eye. :cool:
  15. On a long hard ride I find wrists, butt and insides of my legs hurt afterwards.

    Enjoy finding more and more out about bout your body as you continue to push yourself. :)
  16. If you brake too hard, your crutch!
  17. Lower back.

    That's pretty much all.
  18. Sorry Rosie I hadn't realised you didn't have your Ls yet. Good luck for tomorrow, it is very easy and they give you plenty of practice to get it right. Who are you going with?
  19. I saw a movie like that once.

    There were these 3 girls and they were pillow fighting............. :LOL:
  20. Hey Phil...no need to apologise. :)

    I'm doing it with DECA at Carrum Downs.