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Where do y'all get your photos printed?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by QuarterWit, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. I'm not a photographer or anything, but I've got a few pics that I wouldn't mind sending to the grandparents/parents up north. That, and it seems even in this digital age there's something to be said for a good-quality print you can actually hold.

    I've tried one or two places in the past, mostly just el cheapo kmart style kiosks and online but nothing really seems to print with the same... er... lusture (?) of even the dodgiest old analogue camera.

    Is it a restriction of digital? Or shitty printing?

    Ideally I could upload the images online and get them posted to me. But I'm curious as to what the budding photographers on the forum use for their good stuff. (Smee?)
  2. I use Harvey Norman, I get 9c prints all the time cause I know the chickie that works there, they come out perfect, might be the quality of the pic your trying to print
  3. Teds seem to do a good job printing snapshots, it all depends on the quality of your digital camera as well. If you want quality archive prints though then I'm afraid places like Vanbar that do more high end processing do the job.
    Just avoid kmart.
  4. In terms of the problems your having, try a few decent labs first. Printing can be bit of a personal thing (people like different traits), but....

    Assuming Harvey Norman still have the frontier systems, I'd say you would have to be nuckin futs to go else where, particularly given the price:quality ratio.

    Ted's/Kmart/snapfish use the same equipment, running the same consumables last time I checked (basically an epic HP ink jet printer) that IMO provides a well below average result. I've seen prints from both Ted's and Kmart and you'd be hard up to tell the difference. The only upside to Ted's is in theory they have "better service" and they charge more, so in theory should be more willing to help/redo shonky prints. I used to be a big advocate of Ted's printing services, but frankly they've dropped the ball something shocking... :(

    Apparently Big W and CostCo are not to bad either (I think CostCo run Frontier).

    The pro labs do some good work, I used to use Vanbar/CPL. Both are capable of very nice prints, and often offer some broader paper choices but unless it's for pro work, I don't think it'd be worth the trouble/money.

    Then there is online... There are a couple of good places out there, in fact there is a new one I was talking about the other night (name escapes me right now) that I am going to try out.