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where do u sleep?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by jasonw, Oct 20, 2006.

  1. hi guys im a newbie. im planning a ride late feb with a few mates and family (around vic in 5 days) just wondering where most people sleeep ie motels, campinggrounds, pubs, gutters etc thanks

  2. if you have the $$$$ motel. if not camp.
  3. Find/Make friends aroun Vic and then crash at their place... even if you just met them at a bar that night. :)
  4. Option A: Ask nicely and there may be a Netrider or two that could help out.
    Option B: What is the preference of the others you will be with? Me it's camping/caravan - cheaper and can be fun. With the GF it's hotel/motel.
    Option C: Drink yourself silly every night and see where u end up - could be a variety of places, maybe a different one each time :)
  5. Bring your glad rags and don't stop partying until you score a root with a local.
  6. Pubs are my pick on country runs, meet the yocals maybe pick up a stray [well that was few years ago] and also make some netrider mates and crash on a couch.
  7. i am married so picking up locals is of no help
  8. In my bed :twisted:

    seriously... where abouts are you planning on going??
  9. Stookie and I are about to go on a camping trip. Lots of gear to take, so depends on what you want to do. Country pubs can be really good value or else cheap motels.
  10. most of the riders live in gippsland so day 1 starts there going via traralgon, bairnsdale up to anglers rest (40 ks other side of omeo) for the first night
    day2 anglers rest to yarrawonga via hotham day3 yarrawonga to stawell
    day 4 stawell to apollo bay through the grampians day 5 apollo bay home
  11. YHA (youth hostels) are a good value, not as cheap and fun as they used to be, but they're also more comfy than in the old days and still more fun than a regular hotel/motel.
  12. thread shifted to off topic

    Cheers :cool:
  13. thanks dazza my stuffup please forgive me
  14. If there's a group of you then grabbing a cabin or onsite van in a caravan park can work out cheap. Personally I often take a tent and camp out, but usually eat at a local pub (saves carting food and cooking gear around).
  15. Having a mortgage, 2 school kids and a wife with a love affair with the credit card, I am a miser when it comes to accomodation when touring on the ZRX. When on the road I will camp out, usually at bush camp sites in national parks that cost zero $$$$. If I am staying in a place for a couple of days I will treat myself to a unpowered tent site in a caravan park, where I can also have a shower, use the camp kitchen to cook meals and keep beer cold. When bush camping I'm usually limited to cask wine/port. Whilst at bush camps I carry my food and water, cooking on the trangia metho stove.

    When I went to the Motogp this year at Phillip Island I camped out at 3 mile dam in the Kosiciuszko NP (near Kiandra) and Mitchell River NP (near Bairnsdale) on the way there and Errinundra NP (near Bonang VIC) on the way back.

    I checked out the state parks and wild life web sites before I went to see wether I could get in on the road bike and what facilities they had. Just make sure you have a good sleeping bag as my night at 3 mile dam got down to -5 degrees.

  16. If any of them want motel/hotel rooms in Yarrawonga , i really do suggest some ph call ahead of time. Gawd we hitting the end of Oct & already the town is busy etc. As for camping ... :LOL: luck finding a decent spot,