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Where do they find the time?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Bazza, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. I see some people who make multiple posts daily on multiple different forums as well as facebook groups and blog sites. Where do they find the time?

  2. whenever im looking for the time and im on the computer its at the bottom right hand side of my screen without fail
  3. I usually leave it next to the basil and oregano.
  4. I go old school and look at me watch!

    Must off, gotta update my status...'doing FA as usual', interesting eh?
  5. all of you are too far advanced...I have to go outside, draw a circle and put a stick in the middle of it...it's damn hard on a cloudy day.
  6. I'm guessing you've got a pretty fair idea already -seeing as you've managed to find the time to track them all down, and their postings, and then report back here with your "findings"
  7. :-s Serious post? If so, well for a start, what are you basing the time thing from? Yourself? And if so, how/why? How much time do you get to spend 'on the net'? Some people like I used to be before I was injured and had to stop work due to upcoming surgery in '06 are able to use the internet whilst at work. I was a *nix (and windows *cough*) network + computer admin. I had the companies network running nice and when I wasn't doing specific coding projects, I used to have oceans of free time at work to do whatever I liked besides the work that popped up from time to time to fix something.

    Also, (like I am now heh) some people don't work and/or study. Strangely enough, I was on the computer(s)/net more to post on forums when I was working that I do now. Mainly because being in pain 24/7 doesn't give that much motivation to read + post on forums often, plus I'm a father of a soon to be 11 month old *sooooo proud!* so in between bouts of strong pain killers so I'm able to ride on good weather days, I'm looking after my young one and other stuff "non computer related".

    Also, there are people (also like myself LOL) who can spend "seconds" posting, my last recorded typing speed in the late 90s was a fair bit over 100 W.P.M with 100% success rate so some people can *zip* along with reading + posting of mutiple posts/threads where it might take another person the same amount of time to do 1 post of equivalent size.

    Or there are people like hornet who has about 2-3 dozen like minded friends all reading + posting on netrider from the same LAN [in the same house/church?] that makes the single user appear to be able to have "superhuman" abilities! :angel: Overall, I reckon it's a combination of people either, not working, studying and/or net access at work that gives people "lots of time" to do stuff on the net.
  8. It depends on what else interests you; I don't drink or play sport, riding and Netrider are pretty much my hobbies.

    Incidentally, I believe they are going to put a clock in the Leaning Tower of Pisa

    They reckon it's not much use having the inclination if you haven't got the time.......
  9. Cant say ive ever found time... its always escaping me :p.

    Intended topic though...
    I have to pick up my missus from the airport on the 7th... after 6 weeks of just me blissful drinking and partying on weekends :p... im making my mark while i can!
  10. being on a mac, it's at the top right. at work it's bottom right. otherwise i just look at my watch or phone
  11. iPhone + lots of spare time waiting for queries to return data = netrider time.

    Granted I'm more of a lurker than a poster, but I'm normally clicking around during a large portion of the day.
  12. Easy, I only post at work. :-$
  13. Ditto to that.
  14. Love that....

    Kids ask "what's the time" little realising that you looked at your watch/phone whatever a couple of minutes before they asked.

    And with squinted eye, the crusty old bloke looks up at the sky, at the horizon and down the dale, and then pronounces it to be '1/4 past'.....

    The kids, in absolute naive awe, "how did you know that".....
  15. Paul Hogan wants his Crocodile Dundee joke back
  16. lol

    Bazza what kind of phone do you have? I'm guessing one that doesn't have access to the net?
  17. From the same place you find time to check multiple forums, face book groups, blog sites and post shit here.

  18. You're buggered,Netrider and a Hornet-that's all?

    You got your lunch money stolen at school didn't you.
  19. Plus, he now has all those sunny weekends to sit at the computer and contribute.
  20. Where does he get the time to come up with all of these stupid questions that's what I'd like to know?