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Where Do The Women Get Their Gear From?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Onyx, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. I'm currently looking for my girlfriend and I think that the female range of riding gear is pretty limited... especially for a tiny size 5'2 size 6.

    She needs a leather jacket and leather pants, and would like to try them on before buying them (so that makes shopping online difficult).

    Anyone know some good places with a wide range of female riding gear?

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  2. Where abouts in melbourne are you? Places like AMX carry a decent range of gear
  3. I'm in Ivanhoe. I was at 2 AMX stores this arvo and they only had a couple of styles of womens leathers and no sizes either.
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  4. I have no experience with them, but maybe try Tiger Angel? They do made to measure, which might end up being the way your gf has to go if she is teeny-tiny.
  5. just post up her pics
  6. Maybe try Mars Leathers in Elizabeth Street. They're supposedly stocking the X-treme brand (Melbourne company) which having a quick look at their website does go down a women's size 6 in half a dozen different styles. If there's nothing in the shop they should be able to get something in (or if there's something on the website your GF likes the look of perhaps phone in advance to see if they can get it in).
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  7. Seems like an unusual request, but ok. Maybe it might help with sizes or something.

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  8. You wont find much decent in her size.
    Aussie importers have assumed several things about female bike riders in Australia;
    They don't ride, if they do it's a cruiser or scooter.
    They pillion more than ride.
    Built like truckies.
    Don't wear anything remotely looking like sport bike gear.
  9. Very helpful as usual, jd :)
  10. Have you try looking at the Dainese range at PS on Elizabeth st?
  11. peter stevens do have womens gear in the elizabeth st store.
    or try bikemart who will order stuff in
  12. They do market research on the net.
  13. True except for the cruiser bit. l have the same problems and ride a cruiser. Not all of us want to wear Harley Davidson gear. The market caters for average size women, basically 8-12 with limited styles in smaller/larger sizes. The shops dont want to order it in, even if you can get the size because if you dont buy it, they struggle to sell it. Most girl riders l know either get items made, altered or order from overseas. There's a guy my friends and l use alot, he's fantastic if you want custom made or alterations: Nick 266 Centre Rd Bentleigh 95575808
  14. AMX had lots of female gear when I went there (the one in Keilor Park). Though mostly it was way too small for me (I am 5'10"). I have tiny feet though and they only had one pair of boots that fitted me so maybe not good for boots.
  15. As PEEair said, PS in Melbourne have a reasonable range of women's gear and a good range of leathers in different brands. It depends what she's looking for. AMX (Lynbrook) have a reasonable range of women's textiles and kevlars (although stock availability can be sporadic) but little in the way of leathers.
  16. I've bought 99% of my gear on line. There's a much wider choice than in some shops, just make sure you check out the sizing charts and read reviews because that will say whether the sizing is accurate or not.
  17. What Ametha said, most of mine is from the internets. Make sure they supply measurements, rather than just sizes alone. I also got some x-treme gear from Mars leather when I first started riding, good gear for a good price.
  18. How much can she squat?