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where do i take my jacket to get cleaned?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by come_down, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. i've been riding for a year now, and have never washed my jacket. its not so much the outside i am worried about but the inside.... having been through one and a half summers of sweating it out my poor jacket is getting rather yuck on the inside. I have read the instructions on the jacket and it says something along the lines of "take to leather specialist". will just a normal dry cleaner do? if not where does everyone take thier jacket to be thouroughly cleaned? anyone know places in the south eastern suburbs of melb?

    i cant wait to feel fresh again :p everytime i take off my gear i feel so gross.

  2. If it's sorta the lining you need cleaned, then I would guess dry-cleaner.

    ... but you want to be careful if there's nylons etc involved or something and they are using steam/heat.

    Can you get a recommendation or advice from the manufacturer?
  3. thanks guys. ktulu is more onto what i was asking about. my jacket doesnt have a removable liner so i was more concerned about the correct washing process of the entire jacket rather than the treatment/care of the outside.

    i just had another look at the labels and it says "Do not wash... dry clean only... take to leather specialist... remove all armour..." i guess i will ask a few dry cleaners to see if they know how to handle this.

    as for the treatment of the outside leather, i guess i will buy some sort of spray on/rub on stuff from a motorcycle accessory store. i saw some dainese spray in a silver or black can but i'm sure it will work on any leathers (mine are AXO).

    thanks guys!
  4. Not sure about the inside mate guess you would have to go to a dry cleaner and ask and get e to make sure, regards to the outside I have just started using armour all leather cleaning wipes and they work brilliantly for getting bugs offf etc and bringing the leather back to original form leaving the leathers softer not too dear from an auto parts place ( super cheap etc ) worth a go takes a bit to impress me and I'm impressed lol
  5. Again for the outside but I always used a product called 'zorbel' - seemed to keep the leather clean, soft and i think it even has waterproofing... bought it from shoe repair places and sometimes in supermarkets. :)