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Where do I get it !

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Phoenix_Girl, Feb 3, 2005.

  1. Hey out there i need help :!: Iam searching for a power commander unit
    for my Bike my bro shits me and says i dont need to get one :!:
    so a head strong girl wants to know :?: oh my ride is SP2 2002 mod
    if you can help id b :D

  2. You can purchase them online directly from http://www.powercommander.com/114-311.shtml or any decent dealer/mechanic will be able to source and fit one for you.

  3. Let the keyboard do the walking, google for Power Commander....PC3 or such. Do you need it? Definitely not if the bike is standard.
    Most prob not if you're going for one of the better aftermarket cans like Staintune/ most Remus.
    Aftermarket exhausts change the flow-rates, especially if a complete system incl. header is used. Then a PC3 certainly helps finding the right set-up fairly quickly. Once installed, a dyno-run is pretty much compulsory.

    Aftermarket exhausts about $1200 upwards , PC3 a few hundred bux, dyno-run and adjust $150 upwards, not much change if any at all from $2k.
    Do you need it?
  4. PCII for an SP2 is worth upwards of $600.

    A full system RS3 Yoshi will cost upwards of $2000.

    I had a PCII on my SP1 and a full Yoshi system, bike ran much better with the new mapping.

    Hook the laptop up to the PCII and tune away.
  5. Phil Tainton on Stud road, the only place to go (9801 1287)

    he is the mechanic for suzuki australia and he is a tuning god!

    i had a pc3usb, k&n air filter and 2 dyno runs, cost $980

    it aint cheap but i now get 70 kms a tank better fuel economy and gained 4.9 bhp (3bhp will have come from the filter)
  6. I recommend going to see Ken at Megacycle Engineering in Keysborough, he has a dyno so he can dial the Power Commander in for you, he actually lives in Dandenong and is a dam fast racer aboard an '05 Yam R6.