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Where Do I Get Good Custom Earplugs??

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by wonderboy4, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. Hi,

    My bike is loud and I wan't to get earplugs but the disposable kind don't work for me. I have heard about special ones (musician earplugs??) that are molded to a persons indivudual ear. About $200 apparently, I just need where you get them and if some are better than others and any tips and feedback from people who use them would be great. I'm in Wollongong but I work in the Shire if that helps.

  2. I just sent you a PM with the details of the guy that did mine last year.

    They are Earmold ones, I think they only cost about $60 at the time without built in headphones. If you want the details send me a PM, I don't know if they are still current but he should be able to hook you up with the right person.
  3. Just save up your ear wax for a while :D hahaha
  4. Before you spend big bucks on a custom solution, have you tried Hearos ?

    I've tried out a heap of different disposable plugs, and most of them are shite. However the Hearos plugs work really well.
  5. I have a noisy helmet/screen combination and have tried all sorts from Bunnings and mower shop all purpose plugs to Earmold ear phone plugs.

    When I want music, obviously I use the Earmolds. When I don't my favourites are Oxford ear plugs about $3-$5 for 4 plugs at bike shops.

    The reason I like them is they are of a dense foam that I find easy to put in my ears. I find the Bunnings variety too soft and it ends up like trying to push a bit of string. (I was once embarrassed on a ride by hoding up TEC while I struggled in vain to get the bloody soft plugs in).

    The Oxfords seem to work well; are washable and re-usable and when I don't lose them I find I can get about 6 months out of a pair. They are comfortable to me being tapered although being tapered it is also possible to push them quite deep in your ear which isn't as comfy.

    For under $10 a year well worth protecting your hearing.
  6. Both my wife and I got plugs done by Hearlink. Very happy with them. $60/set, the guy came to our house and did them, have a case to store them in, etc. They are great, very comfortable and work really well.

  7. +1.

    My exhaust came with a set of these included, much to the bikeshops amusement! lol. They do work very well though.
  8. :-s Your bike is loud. Is wind noise the problem or is it exhaust noise? I can understand your predicament if it's wind noise but there's a better solution if it's the exhaust.
  9. Thanks but checked their website and it looks like their only in Vic, I'm in NSW
    : (
  10. It's more about the exhaust but also for the wind a bit.
  11. Thanks, I'll call them, Cheers!
  12. Have you looked at disposable silicon plugs rather than foam?
  13. If you mean the cheap ones you get from the chemist, I have tried them before to try to help me sleep but they never worked. refused to mold to my ear and stay in place. But thanks : )
  14. *thread bump*

    Anyone ever tried Hearos skull screws? Just bought 4 packs, at only $5 USD, they sound good.
  15. I've got hearos - but another type (I can't remember off the top of my head - audio perfect 20db attenuation iirc) and they are amazingly good, however they stick out a little too far for my helmet which can make them slightly uncomfortable. I therefore just stick to the normal foam cheapie type and find them fine enough.
  16. I have been using Earfuze products. Even without music, they are so fricken awesome at blocking all the nasty wind and whistling. I can still hear horns, and air brakes, some truck engines. The important stuff. Never had better value from a product.