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Where do I get a big bike for hire in Melbourne?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by lost, Jul 13, 2005.

  1. hey i just got my full licence this month ive done away with the 250 a little while ago and i want to hire out a big sports bike(zx9\gsxr) for the weekend to give me a fix till i can afford my own was just wondering if anyone knew of a good play to go to besides garners....thanx everyone....

  2. Whats wrong with hiring one from garners?
  3. How about Clipstone Yamaha? I know they rent trail bikes, may be road bikes too.
  4. No idea about your question , but you might want to retype you thread heading or the mods will do it for you . (caps=yelling) An introduction would be good for a first post ,or just ignore what i say like every one else here :LOL:
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    After reading the first post I was sure I was going to have to go do it, then I scroll down and see your post. High 5 to Marty :)
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  8. Yup, they do. I rented from them a couple of years ago. They prefer to rent to you for a day or two rather than give you a tester for an hour. Prolly has to be a new Yamaha, though).
    Garners, about a block north of Vic Market, is the main big bike hirer in town.
  9. Garners....apart from them there's nobody I've ever heard of who hires out big-bikes, NOT sporties. Risk too high, cost too high to cover risk and/ or damage done.
    Who'd be stupid enough to out rent a $500+/day big-bore sportie to get it back with $2k worth of shredded tyres/ busted head-bearings and fugged 1./2. gears? And that's just for the start...
  10. thaks for all the usefull info everyone.....but there is some smart asses out there isnt there never knew capitals where such a big deal,remember THEY ARE ONLY WORDS ON A COMPUTER SCREEN so chill and have fun..thanx again
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  13. Actually Garners had this clapped out VFR750 a few years back that I rented for a day. They have some big naked bikes from memory and HEAPS of Hardleys but don't count on any new R1s or the like.
  14. Titus, thanks for letting us know. Will keep in mind for future reference.
  15. Did you meen "grammar"? :wink:
  16. I was preparing you for it because the mods were going to do it anyway . But there is still no introduction from yourself . Lost , i think you are .
  17. u guys must be kidding right!...Is this really the type of people that ride bikes around the city?..LOL then i guess its true what they say.I thought guys like yourselves were the ones ridin around on bmw's with open faced helmets...LOL...good luck and enjoy your latte's
  18. Lastr i saw said VFR they were trying to sell it, complete with clapped out stickers and all probably. Did look to be a very tired bike and think they were after about $4500 or so from memory.