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Where didst thou find the Road Gods this morning?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by v_quixotic, Jul 13, 2005.

  1. Where didst thou find the Road Gods this morning?

    Of course thou knowest Their favourite haunts are on the sacred race-tracks and along the twisty mountain roads we worship at. But my brothers and sisters They can truly be fould on just about any highway at any time, if thou seekest Them there.

    As thou pitchest it over into that roundabout that leads to the freeway on-ramp...

    As thou nailest it over a crest leaving the lights from between two lanes of the damned, gently lofting the front wheel for a few metres...

    As thou with great artistry weaves it like a golden thread through the mobile chicane on an inner city bypass road...

    Thou knowest one is in the presense of the Road Gods:

    The troubles of thy daily life fade from consciousness;

    Thy experience of the world takes on a timeless transcendent quality; and

    There art no place thou woulds't rather be, and nothing thou woulds't rather be doing.

    For thee it was hooking around the roundabout, 2nd to last corner before thy place of labour:

    Merrily did I blip the throttle and drop it down a gear, Thenst did I giveth the right handle bar a shove and roll on the throttle.

    Ahhh, truly did I glory in the exhast note as it reverberated from the walls of the urban canyon. And truly did I catch a peripheral glimpse of the envy/fear/lust in the eyes of the unroadworthy..

    I was blessed as we all are blessed to be the Road Gods' chosen ones.

    Testify, brothers and sisters, Where didst thou find the Road Gods this morning?
  2. Verily, as the curtains parted this morning, a mighty voice spake unto me.

    "Go forth", it said. "Take thoust cage and venture unto the workforce to partake in the ratrace, for your children need bread".

    And lo, she was right.

    As usual.
  3. and He saw the road, and it was good. :LOL:

    And so said the scripture of the epsitle of St Simon the Sanctimonious... er... Scurrilous :LOL:
  4. On my screamin lil 2fiddy i managed to spin up the rear tyre in 2nd travelling at about 60-70km/h. :D Woah betyde twas excitement!

    Note to self: must not listen to trance music on rainy day commuting to work.
  5. Oooohhh verily, there was a great wailing and gnashing of teeth :cry:
  6. You know her then?
  7. I don't mind when she wails but the gnashing really hurts those sensitive areas :shock: :LOL:

    /me runs :p
  8. Oi, I resemble that remark! :LOL:
  9. Amen, brother, and what was the reading on thy holy tachometer?

    The Road Gods do love the sound of valve-bounce in the morning...
  10. I found a road god yesterday morning and he was FROZEN.

    I took the bike back to Canberra to get my serviceman to do a 10000k service. It was cold when I left Wollongong, and, climbing up Macquarie Pass onto the highlands, it just got colder.

    By the time I was between Marulan and Goulburn it was pea soup fog and the cold seeping past layers of clothing and eating into the bones.

    Canberra, finally. No joy there though. Despite the fact that it was 10:30 in the morning, it was still -3 degrees.

    It took me till late in the afternoon to thaw out, just in time to get on the bike and head for the Sydney Netrider gathering at Homebush. Made it from Canberra to there in 2 and half hours, and it was still cold.

    So, if there IS a road god, he's got icicles hanging off him, let me tell you!!
  11. Bouncing around the 14k rpm level Brother V_Q! And a glorious sound she made indeed after her warmup and run down the Eastern. ;)
  12. Geez you lot can talk some cr@p. I can't actually believe I just read it :roll:
  13. I thought you said you got a new tyre? Oh, that was a front, right. :p

    Must say tho, roads were a bit slippy today: too much oil and not enough rain makes for little GPXs sliding all over the road!
  14. A smite on you Brother Roarin, for you know not WTF you do :roll:
  15. Regrettably, .....

    ................ I was like unto brother spiky, for the good book saith, "if a man will not work, neither ought he to eat" and since I have become rather partial to eating, I betook myself to work. Nevertheless, my heart was with the mighty Hornet, and yea, verily, I did manage a subtle glimpse at the Forum, from time to time, and verily, I was rewarded. :LOL:
  16. I drove a Mazda Bravo ute from Broadmeadows to Euroa and back via Seymour, Wallan & Beveridge today :roll:

    At least it got me out of the office in the city for the day :D

    I need another project in Lorne or Apollo Bay to visit I think :wink: