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Where did your family pet come from?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by es, Dec 23, 2008.

  1. I read a timely article today about puppy breeding. perhaps something to consider in the gift giving season!
    Puppy Farming

    all of our family pets were strays.

  2. that's just plain wrong :evil:

    My Schubert ..

    was an unprepossessing, sad stray at the Chullora RSPCA pound in Sydney. As you can see, he has responded, somewhat, to love and care and is a beautiful regal and gentle friend

    $70 with chip, vaccinations, etc.

    My Garfield

    .. came indeed, from a breeder in Adelaide, and I bought him ($450, gulp) in Wollongong, at 8 weeks old. He is a pure-bred Persian, beautiful, affectionate and utterly dumb!
  3. RSPCA Chullora

    Breed : Papillon

    Name : Ribbons


  4. We got our WooFs from a rescue home

  5. Sally was rescued from a family who couldn't keep her. Stevie was from a breeder (not a puppy farm and know the breeder). Bella came from a family who needed to rehouse her.

    Harriet and Bart both came from rescues. Harriet from the RSPCA and Bart from VAAT. He was in the last chance saloon and was going crazy.

    I think pet shops should be banned from selling animals. It's those impulse buys, without screening that are so wrong.
  6. Our dog and 3 cats all came from the Animal Welfare League in SA.

    Unfortunately our first cat died from snake bite a couple of years ago.



  7. [​IMG]


    Our dog was from a local petshop who's owner breeds them.
    She is a king charles/spoodle.

    The cat with the white chest is the Father and from a friend who's cat had a littler of 9 bitzas. The other cat is his off spring. We had him booked in for desexing and he just knew something was going on. He tore open the carboard cat box and ran. We didn't see him for 48hrs. He went accross the road and sowed his sead for the last time so we chose 1 from that litter. LMAO
  8. My dog bronte was seemingly created in a high tech possum killing weaponry laborotory judging by the body count of trespassing possums dispatched without a scratch to her, though my wife tells me she was from a pet shop


    her best buddy the poodle spike was from a registered breeder

  9. Paddy came from the RSPCA up near silverwater..

    this is him now..


    and him exactly a year ago, when he first came home...

  10. I bought a dog from a pet shop once, she was supposed to be a Cavalier King Charles/Maltese but turned out to be a Lhasa Apso/Maltese cross after some investigation a few months later. She was never a strong dog and sadly she died of a gastro-enteritis type virus at 3 years of age.

    I was devasted and bought my next dog from a breeder because I wanted some sort of guarantee that he'd be strong and healthy. He's been with us for 8 years now and he's such a great mate, very loyal and devoted.

    Me, my bike and my dog:

    And this is our boy last Christmas with his new teddy:
  11. I boycott pet stores that sell animals and always have. They are wrong on just so many levels.

    + they cater to and therefore encourage impulse buying
    + the quality and health of the breeding line is often second to the profit margin
    + the conditions the animals have to endure before being sold are psychologically damaging.
    + dodgy breeders have a market in petshops that they wouldn't have otherwise

    I could go on and on, but it's late and so I wont. This issue (and animal rights in general) is a big one for me.
  12. [​IMG]
    The one on the left (Victoria) came from a registered breeder (aka the Wife)

    the one on the right (Wally) came from a Registered Breeder in Newcastle (NSW)
    With the flight and all associated costs, he came to $1500

    We have had 7 dogs in our lifetime and one cat. All of them came from registered breeders. Pet shops should be outlawed.

    The first one however will cost me a fortune ;)
  13. 2 cats from reputable pet stores, there do exist such a thing, but they tend to be far and few between. The store has gone out of business now though.

    All the dogs are from registered breeders - 1 border collie from NZ, 4 Japanese Spitz's from here and there, different breeders around the place. My mum is a registered breeder and actively encourages people to meet the dogs and her before buying, and keeps tabs on the dogs later too, which the owners really don't mind at all. One Japanese Spitz was bought from a pet store (the same one that went bust) and we tracked down and contacted the breeder to get papers for it afterwards.

    Sister's dogs are both from registered breeders - one border collie, and a german shepard.

    (Can you tell our family likes dogs?)

    The thing I've noticed, it's more often more expensive to buy a dog from a pet store then a registered breeder. My mum breeds Japanese Spitz, and sells them for about $1,000 with full papers (i.e., they can be shown and breed from) as opposed to the limited or no papers you get from the pet store, and the $1,500 to $2,000 price tag i've seen them with.
  14. One from RSPCA and one from http://www.saveadog.org.au/

    The RSPCA have a euthanasia policy where dogs who can't be re-homed in a short enough time are given the green dream, as are older dogs who are unlikely to find homes.

    Saveadog have a more open minded policy and have a range of foster homes for dogs if they can't be re-homed quickly. This means that many of the dogs have been in contact with the handlers for longer and you'll be able to find out more about them.

    Between us, my Ma and my Sister we have 5 rescue dogs. They are all characters and in the end I think they love just as much as any other dog. We'll never have any dogs any other way.
  15. my cat was aquired from my sister who had a female cat that was a hussy. Nog is one of her kids

    the dogs, well tony had Freyja before we got together, he bought her from a breeder. And I bought Kane from a breeder too.

    our next pets will be from the RSPCA or Animal Welfare League
  16. I saved Brucey here from the set of some sicko twisted animal p0rn.


    and Lionel here was about to die from too much pasta living at Tony Soprano's house.



    Seriously though, all my animals have come from shelters. Giving them a second chance (in most cases their only chance) is what loving pets is all about. I'm not sure how I could go to a pet store for a cat or dog knowing that some other animal somewhere is fighting for it's life. Particularly when its only crime was to not be loved and some smegg-head dumped into the streets.
  17. [​IMG]

    Oscar came from a pet shop but a thorough vet examination and a "cooling off" period was included as part of the purchase. He is 8 months old now and a great mate.

    This is Lazy our cat showing Oscar who is boss :LOL: Lazy was from a litter that belonged to my sister in law, he is 8 years old and a great cat (as far as cats go)

  18. another good one is
    The Animal Rehoming Service
    they are vic based.

    Cosmo - RSPCA

    missy - stray no idea where shes from

    finn - free to good home from a breeder whos dog was impregnated by a stray. finn was one of 6 pups, the breeder drowned 4 of them.

    shadow - stray, i found her under a car when i was 6

    Nimbus - RSPCA

    Tabaka - beautiful fluffy female red tabby. stray found under a house.
  19. Buyo was abandon. He is a toniknese, smart and regal cat.


    Chewy was bought from a pet store russian blue crossed something fuzzy. I usually do not, but he was so cute and my ex really wanted him. really cute, does a good lion impersonation but utterly dumb and loves food

  20. i love Burmese cats. Siamese are my second favourite!

    i have a photo somewhere of Mik84's siamese, that cat was crazy, when kraven & i stayed there the cat just ran around all day & night!

    it looks really evil in this pic rofl :LOL: