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Where did you ride to today?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ALLTORQUE, Sep 13, 2015.

  1. So this morning i was up around 6:30 and decided it was a beautiful day for a ride. 454Klms and 2 refuels later ive arrived home safely.

    Basic route was livo to wisemans via wilberforce and sackville ferry. Then across the hawkesbury to wisemans ferry rd (i could have sworn i was on a moto X track, that road is horrid) It was then out to peats ridge and down to gosford, and you guessed it old pacific highway (twice, cos that road is damn awesome and we need more like it). From there it was a run down pacific highway to asquith, across to galeston gauge, to windsor, penrith then home.

    Had a really good/tiring day. Only thing that would have made it better would have been a/couple riding buddies.

    I also almost ran over a dead echidna, a bird and a kamikaze kangaroo, oh and a cyclist
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  2. I was practising basics around the streets of St Kilda - I ran over tram tracks! ha ha ha
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  3. I rode from sunny Bright to home (Melbourne) via the twisties. Could've stayed a few more days :D
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  4. I had a mentoring session pootling around quiet stress of Skipton and learning to get rid off my banana turns :) 100km to get there and 100km to get back. For the first time was pushed around by the wind so had to learn to lean into it. Was great fun!
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  5. I mowed the lawn :(
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  6. Ouch!! Not on a day like this! I knew that landscaping my garden with gravel will pay off one day ;)
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  7. Were all these things dead, or just the echidna? LOL
  8. Went up the Putty and across to Wollombi pub for lunch and back down the Old road. Perfect day for a ride, and it turned out to be great despite a not so perfect start.

    In the morning we all met at a mate's place in Ashfield, and after pulling out onto Parramatta road and stopping at the first set of lights, the guy at the back of our group got slammed by and idiot in a car. He went down hard and his Hayabusa got pretty trashed. Wasn't easy to lift that thing off the road onto the footpath. Luckily he came away unscathed except for a sore knee.
  9. Not a good start to a ride. Hopefully the replacement will all be easy with insurance. Commiserations to your mate on the loss of his bike, it always makes a rider sad.
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  10. Thanks. Our mate is fully insured, but the driver wasn't, so the insurance company will have to chase the driver.
  11. Noojee & surrounds...
    Lunch at the Toolshed Bar & Bistro, great food, good range of bikes in the carpark to ogle...highly recommended
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  12. Noojee here too. Top weather for it.
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  13. Lol yeah just the echidna. Roo done a last sec kamikaze run across the road, stuck a leg out to ninja kick it so it didnt slam into me, got the brakes on just in time though so was a miss. Bird tried taking off (into the wind?) Which put it square under my wheels. Unfortunately the cyclist was still kicking, in the middle of old pac just around a bend, almost ran wide dodging him, then had a last second though of f*ck that i aint going head on into a car for his sake, he can eat the gravel. All was well though. Lets say today i learned to trust the rubber under me alot more then what i ever have. Scrubbed up real nice though hitting the bends on old pac :D
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    Im sorry for your mates lose, especially a day like today and at the start of the ride, but to come out with just a sore knee is tops.
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  15. Are these banana turns a new technique of cornering i havent heard about yet? Lol i lent the bike a bit further then i ever had today, got that stomach dropping feeling, was absolutely awesome, then had to remind myself i was on a public road :p
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  16. Just half-a-day ride to Nojee and back (via Warburton-Mobulk-Olinda).
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  17. I think I perfected good ol' banana technique :whistle: Bout time I started trusting my bike and letting it do what it was designed to do!
    Hmmmmm..... I have plenty of "stomach dropping feeling" moments when I ride, and I don't think I can call it "absolutely awesome" yet. But then again, I still have a "licence to wobble" on my L's :p
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  18. Ok, I give up. What's a banana turn?
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  19. You did what i did didnt you.. google lmao
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  20. Not just today but this week. Left home Tuesday morning and had overnight stops in Coonabarabran, Lightning Ridge, Charleville, Roma and Narrabri and arrived back in Sydney late this afternoon. 3,011km in 6 days. Lots of long, empty roads and not may turns or twists but definitely a lot of interesting things to see out there.

    I don't think I did any banana turns.

    The bike desperately needs to be cleaned.
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