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Where can you get armour?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Guest, Aug 16, 2005.

  1. Hi guys

    I picked up a Motodry jacket from Bikemart on the weekend. I'm happy with the armour in the shoulders and elbows but the back needs a little bit more. Bikemart didn't have any armour that I could insert into my jacket but rather the strap on type.

    What other places can I suss out?

    Thanks for your help!! :)

    :D :D
  2. If you're happy to wear one I believe the dedicated spine protectors are supposed to do a better job then anything you can put in a jacket.

    Otherwise...no idea.
  3. Mars Leathers Stocks motodry gear I believe and since the make thier own leathers they might be able to fashion some armour for you if there is no comercial options.

    But yer the strap on back protectors will do a much better just than a bit of CE armour.
  4. Well first of all you need to find a castle . . . .
  5. Aside from the separate strap-type the choices are extremely limited.
    Some years ago an old Rivet Freeway jacket had a back-pocket just perfectly shaped for one of the Dainese turtlebacks, which fitted straight in once the decision was made to take the scissors and cut off all the strapping. Subsequent jackets all had different-shaped back-pockets, doh...
    Finished up making our own pockets out of some mesh fabric and stitching it into place, velcro opening on the bottom to slide in the modded Dainese item.
    Time-consuming and fiddly but once done the turtleback stays in the jacket.
  6. Damn, I was answering a couple of PMs, but I WAS GOING TO SAY THAT!!!!! :LOL: :LOL:
  7. One thing to consider is this: A back protector strapped directly to your body is less likely to move during an accident and leave you unprotected. The jacket would need to be very tight fitting to get the same close contact to hold the back protector in place.

    I own a Dainese one with a kidney belt and two shoulder straps that fits nice and tight and also offers the extra benefit of some lower back support from the kidney belt (plus warmth). I'd recommend that any day over a loose protector just held approximately in place by the jacket.
  8. No you don't need a castle, you need to find the armoury, albeit they used to be in the bigger castles...:LOL:...
  9. Yo, no argument there. Having the protector in the jacket is only the 2.best option.
  10. just thought i'd revive this as i've been doing some investigations into back protectors and have found that dainese now make the turtleback without the straps for insertion into jackets - they retail for around the $100 mark.
  11. all you need is a competent blacksmith... :LOL:
  12. As it happens, I know several.

    How would a chainmail vest serve?
  13. Uncomfortably! :LOL:
  14. ROFL :LOL:

  15. Oh wow cuould you imagine the sparks from sliding down the road in plate mail at 60 Klicks :p

    Or even the knee sliding action if you got the full suit! :LOL:
  16. A full suit of 7020 Al alloy chainmail would be ideal, good ventilation for summer and with a good polish you'd be hard not to spot on the road.
  17. One of the 3 best pieces of advice I was ever given, in complete earnestness, was :

    Never, ever sleep in chain mail.

    I just thought y'all should know that.
  18. what were the other 2 pieces of advice then? :shock:
  19. 1. Don't hope, and don't dream. You'll never be disappointed.
    2. Cope.